35 Days Intensive Mindset Course for Success

35 Days Intensive Mindset Course for Success

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35 Days Intensive Mindset Course for Success

Course Description

Have you ever felt you are worth more (that you deserve better), but not knowing how to turn your “bad luck” into your fortune and totally unclear about what your practical next steps should be in life?

You are in the right place. After taking this course, the only excuse you will have is not doing the work, because you will have all the tools needed to manifest anything you want into your reality. If you are not willing to settle and want the tools to become successful then you can get all the answers you need in this course. Spoiler alert! The answers are already residing within you, all you need is someone to tell you how to unleash the power from within to be able to attract whatever you want out of life. You can stop feeling like life is happening to you all the time and start living your life where life starts happen for you.

You will experience personal breakthroughs throughout the course and you might even stir something up so deep that your feelings might get out of hand. Let me assure you that when we stir things up emotionally we are growing, we are shifting our mindset, our identity, our alignment, we are making progress. The reason this course takes 5 weeks is because, I myself have gone through this exact process several times and 5 weeks is the least amount we should spend on these rituals to see a significant change in our lives. Each week will be layered on top of the previous week, so it’s very important to start doing the work right away and not skip ahead, even if that might seem tempting. You might be wondering if you have any subconscious mind blocks that we can find and destroy during the course. If you do not have everything you want and desire right now in your life, then you have a subconscious mind block that is preventing you from attracting what you want into your reality. If you are ready to face it, find it and destroy it and start harvesting the results you have been dreaming about, then let’s get started right now!

  • What are the requirements?

    Commit to yourself!
    Do the work!
    Spend 30 min up to 2 hours each day during the next 5 weeks, to see massive results.
    Trust the process!
    You need a writing block with white paper and a pen with blue ink.

  • What am I going to get from this course?

    Create your own daily mindset ritual.
    Identify subconscious blocks and destroy them!
    Step in to the space of NOW!
    Understanding of alignment.
    Find out what is your true purpose.
    Identify your true message.
    Lock your goals into your future!

  • What is the target audience?

    If you want more than you current results are showing, then this course if perfect for you.
    This course is ideal for you if you are willing to go deep and find your subconscious blocks that have been holding you back and destroy them!
    This course is for you if you want to manifest an improved body, perfect partner, better health or more success!
    This course is NOT for you if you don’t have time to do the work.
    This course is NOT for you if you don’t want to change.
    This course is NOT for you if someone sent you here against your will.


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