Your goals and health.

Is your health worth more than your success? Think about that for a minute. ?
Many of us take that path of doing whatever it takes to succeed. Many of us don’t understand the difference between doing whatever it takes and doing whatever it takes without jeopardizing our health. 
The more I explore the world and learn new things and processes, the more I see that I am unique when it comes to my health and success. 
My journey started in 2012, when I started to learn for real, after finishing my masters in business. That is when I started to learn from those who have done remarkable things in life, instead of learning hypothetical methods and processes taught in schools. 
What makes me different when it comes to health? I do things to prevent having to look for a cure. The more people I help and connect with, the more I see how most of us take our health for granted. We need to get sick and then our 100 dreams become ONE BIG DREAM, to get healthy again. 
I breathe everyday. Yes I know you do also, but do you do it consciously? 
What kills cancer? Do you know that? Oxygen kills cancer. 

The more alkaline your body is the less fertile your soil becomes to grow illness in your body. Alkaline body is a must to maintain health and yes, also to cure what needs to be cured. It’s not the alkalinity that cures, but it gives your body a chance to do so on it’s own. When your body is acidic, your body is fighting to get it alkaline again. Then it’s priority is not on defending, maintaining or healing your body, only to get it alkaline again.
I go into cold water everyday. When your body learns how to stay calm in cold water, you teach your body to handle cortisol, the stress hormone. When you breathe consciously and go into cold water, tub or shower, then magic happens in your body. You produce il 10 key messaging protein that helps the body to stay in stressful situations without creating inflammation. Like you might know by now, inflammation is the source of most all diseases. 

How does this relate to you? When you push yourself to succeed, you push your body as well. You create more saber tooth tigers in your reality, by adding on responsibilities and the stress that comes with that. I say saber tooth tigers to make a point. We have stress factors all around us and each hard decision creates cortisol stress hormone in your body, but if you are not actively teaching your body to stay calm, then you invite inflammation to build up. Cold water is a great teacher. 
What else do I do daily to get my body more alkaline? I drink very small amounts of food grade hydrogen peroxide. This can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, but if done right then people see their PH levels rise in their body. Your body becomes more alkaline. Why is this not taught anywhere? Because it’s one of the key elements in the periodic table and hence no profits will be made from teaching you how to use this key element for your health or cure. 
If you think you are drinking good bottled water, then make sure to read the outside of the bottle. If the water is truly good for you. If the water is alkaline, they will state it on the bottle. If there is nothing about PH levels on the water bottle, I can almost promise you that you are drinking acidic water. Anything above 7.2 PH is alkaline. Drinking good water is not the same as just drinking water everyday. 
To keep your health means that you can push yourself way outside your comfort zone and stay calm in the new exciting environment you step into. 

Let me just finish this short article by reminding you that there is nothing that is not curable. Being told something is incurable only means that the system or individual that diagnosed you can no longer help you heal yourself. 
Here are a few topics for you to look into if you are on your way towards your dreams and want to keep your health while doing so:
  • Lucid dreaming (dream yoga), and the power of healing.

  • Out of body experience (astral travel) and the power of healing.

  • Daily chakra cleaning and repairing, getting your energy in the right flow.

  • Daily aura cleaning and repairing. Those who can see auras can see before you manifest a disease in your body and this can be prevented. 

  • Energy healing and preventions

  • Reiki healing techniques and energy balancing.

  • Meditation

  • Health mindset rituals and the power of your words, when it comes to your body and mental health. 

  • Distance healing and the power of the collective consciousness. 

If you needed to hear this, then it’s perfect, because I follow my guidance daily, and I was guided to write about this topic here, instead of what I have accomplished in the material world. How many books I have written, how many orphans I help or how much money I’ve made. Material wealth means nothing if you don’t have your health. My mission is to help as many people as I can to heal themselves or stay healthy. If you want my guidance or to be pointed to books to read on any of these few subjects I am glad to help you or point you in the right direction. 
You can get in contact with me through my website
I know you can reach your dreams and I hope you know that by now. Remember how powerful you are and that there are no limitations in your life except the ones you put on yourself. 

With light and love, Huni. ❤❤?

Lucid Dreaming and OBE’s. Sex, Fly, Meditate and Heal.

Lucid dreaming and OBE’s
I woke up paralyzed and tried my best to not get too excited about it. I had taken a nap during the middle of the day after reading a book about OBE’s (out of body experiences, astral travel or like some people call it projection of consciousness). I remembered the training, so I laid there calm only trying to move my hands. I realized that if I would try to lift them up, then I might snap out of the paralysis. So instead, I tried to push my hands down through the mattress and when I felt my arms going through the mattress I realized that I was already out of my body.
Most people get scared when they wake up in a state of sleep paralysis, but I could barely hold back my excitement. I was about to try to roll out of my body for the first time. I started to rock my body side to side with small movements and then it finally happened, I fell out of bed, yet at the same time my body remained in bed. I realized that my consciousness was now out of my body and I needed to get away from my body so I would not be snapped back into my body, still laying on my bed. I moved to the door of my bedroom and said “awareness now”. That is one of the ways to get more awareness to my astral body so I can go and explore this realm.
I remembered reading that I should try and look into the mirror, so I continued through the hallway and straight into my bathroom. I looked into the mirror and saw myself looking from the ceiling on to the top of my head of my projected image of myself in the mirror. I also noticed that the bathroom was mirrored. When I stand in my waking hours in from of the sink mirror there is another mirror on my right hand side, but now when looking into the sink mirror the other mirror was on my left hand side, yet it was the same one, just mirrored. I looked again into the sink mirror and now a saw myself as a scrambled image like you would see on a very bad television broadcast. Notice in this clip from the movie “What Dreams May Come True”, how Cuba Gooding Jr looks like at minute 2.40, that is exactly like I saw myself, and I had not seen that movie at the time (

Although it was quit a unique experience to see myself in the mirror, it was not as impressive to as to be able to feel my body still in bed and at the same time I was looking into the mirror and experience another realm at the same time. It felt like two consciousnesses, if that makes any sense to someone who has not experienced astral travel before. Then when I stepped outside of the bathroom, I was in an African Palace. I walked around and saw amazing flowers and trees growing inside the palace and wild animals strolling around the palace floor. I took a very good look at all the beautiful flowers and animals there. I was so absorbed into what I was experiencing I forgot the reinforce my awareness and for a split of a second my attention went back into my body on my bed and my consciousness was snapped right back into my physical body again. Now I was able move my body again. That was my first time I experienced an OBE.
Does the egg or the chicken come first? I guess it doesn’t really matter, but most people start by exploring the realms of lucid dreaming before experiencing an OBE. But for me, I did not know about the possibility of being fully conscious in a lucid dream at the time I started to explore the astral world. The few times I had a conscious lucid dream in my past, I did nothing with it, only knew I was dreaming and I did not know lucid dreaming was an actual thing, so I became part of the dream soon after realizing I was dreaming. I did not know that lucid dreaming has been practices for thousands of years here on earth, like dream yoga practice for example.
What is a lucid dream? It is when you become fully conscious during an unconscious dream. In a lucid dream you can explore the realms of your unconscious and subconscious mind. Each small suggestion, in this realm of you own unconscious mind, is very powerful. You can, stop doing things, start doing things, heal yourself or even heal others in a lucid dream and that is just scratching the surface of what is possible in a lucid dream, that you can carry with you into your waking reality.
How can I start to lucid dream? The best way to do that in my opinion is to start by creating reality checks during you waking hours to prepare you mind to make the same reality checks in your dreams. You can look at your hands and ask yourself: Am I dreaming? The more you practice that, the more likely you are to remember it while dreaming. When you do this test in your dreams, then turn you hands from your palm to the back of your hand again and then back to your palms. In a dream, you hands will change by doing it fast. My first time I did it in a dream, my ring finger bent 90 degrees to the left on my right hand and I knew I was in a dream. Then stabilize your dream by saying awareness now or stabilize my awareness, both work well for me anyway. You can also try to push your finger through your hand in your dream as you do the hand reality check. Another powerful way to stabilize you lucid dream is to spin yourself.
When my finger bent 90 degrees, it was my second fully lucid dream. Now what should I explore? I was walking outside and I called out my higher self to see and ask my higher self some questions I had prepared in my waking hours. As soon as I said it out loud to my dream, I wanna meet my higher self, a portal appeared in front of my eyes and many shapes started to appear in front of me in the portal. Almost like my higher self was trying to present it self but not sure what shape I would be ready to face and see. Then after a few seconds of changing shapes with incredible speed, it stabilized it’s form and funny enough it was a cartoon character. I went closer to my higher self and looked carefully at it saying I know this character. Before I could ask the questions I had prepared, I woke up, totally forgetting to stabilize my lucidity.
If you want to start experiencing lucid dreaming there are a few steps that are crucial to have better chances of success in doing so. Firstly create reality checks during your waking hours. Secondly start a dream journal. Write it in the first person in present tense. After you start dream journaling you can start to see reoccurring dreams and that will also serve as a reality check for you while dreaming. Like if you dream often about you deceased grandmother for example, you can start to have the epiphany during a dream like, oh it’s my dead grandmother, I must be dreaming. Then you can proceed with the hand check to make sure you are dreaming and then stabilize your lucid state by words or by spinning your body. Third thing is to set your alarm for at least four and a half hour into your sleep, wake up and write down your dream, then set your alarm for 90 minutes and go back to sleep repeating the mantra, “Am I dreaming?” or “I am lucid dreaming” or even “I will remember to see my hands”. Then when you wake up again repeat the process. Write down you dream and then set the alarm for 90 minutes and go back to sleep with your mantra, whatever feels right for you. After I started this process I can now remember 2-5 dreams each night, which I write down in my dream journal. It’s important to get the 4,5 hours sleep before starting the 90 minutes cycles, so you can get into the deepest state of recuperation for you body. Reading about the topic right before going to bed will also increase your chances of becoming fully conscious in an unconscious dream.
What can I do in a lucid dream? There are no limitations to what you can do there. If you have bad eyesight for example, you will experience a full 20/20 vision in you lucid dreams. You lucid dream will be crystal clear and so real, and that is why we often do not realize it’s a dream. You will feel pain, pleasure, smell, taste and all the other known senses in a lucid dream. Yet at the same time, you control your feelings with you intentions. If you for example walk through fire, you will feel the heat unless you decide and expect to not feel any pain. So pinching yourself in a lucid dream will not work as a reality check if you expect to feel pain, because you will feel the pain, until you set your intention to not feel the pain.
Here are a few things you can do in a lucid dream. You can meet you higher self or your subconscious mind which will most likely be presented as a dream character in your lucid dream. You can fly, which is the favorite activity of many lucid dreamers. You can walk through walls. You can walk on water. You can heal yourself, and I mean on a deep subconscious level, so that you will physically heal yourself in the waking state also. You can practice what you have not dared to do in you wake, like for example there are examples of doctors performing medical procedures in a lucid dream before they actually perform them, boxers fighting opponents in lucidity before the actual match, scientist making experiments before they actually try the experiment, or regular people practicing the job interview they are about to go into. You can learn to meditate inside you lucid dream and when you do so, then a 5 minute meditation will be as powerful as a few days of meditation in you waking hours.
You are in direct connection with you unconscious mind in a lucid dream and every single suggestion you have in your lucid dream is as powerful as going to a professional hypnotist and going into a hypnosis session. In a lucid dream you can make your own powerful hypnotic suggestions. Many people have experienced a lucid dream, but yet they do not use the opportunity to reveal something important to their journey. The next time you know you are dreaming, you can simply say out loud to the dream: Show me what I need to see, something of great importance! That’s enough to see something or experience something that might easily change you reality as you know it.
Most people start by exploring the realms of lucid dreaming and then often by chance they will experience an OBE. Usually at first they will not know it’s actually an OBE, because it kinda feels like a like lucid dream. When you are flying for example in a lucid dream you can fly and say: Fly out of my body and that could easily trigger a spontaneous OBE.
What is the differences between OBE’s and lucid dreams? When you experience lucid dreaming it will most of the time not happen soon after you fall asleep for the first time at night, but OBE’s can happen that way. Usually if you are conscious by the time you start going out of body, you will feel a great energy surge, especially around your head. But that does not happen when going into a lucid dream, there you simply realize that you are already somewhere.
When you lucid dream you will have a body like you have in your waking state or similar, but an OBE body is more like a projection of a body, energy like body or sometimes only a point of consciousness without a body.
When you lucid dream, you will most of the time not remember the correct timeline of the dream but you will most likely do so with an OBE. When you have an OBE experience you can interact with your current reality. That is how they managed to prove scientifically that people were actually having an OBE’s. One of the most famous study was done by people writing something on a note and placing it somewhere up high on furniture. Then the person that had the OBE, would fly and go to the note and read what the note said and then when awaken, tell the researchers what was written on the note. Scientifically proving that one can become fully conscious in a unconscious dream, was done by deciding a certain set of eye movement, if the person would become lucid, so it could be recorded and seen by the researchers. It’s known that the US government spend a lot of money on training military in the craft of OBE for espionage purposes. In the later part of the 20’s century many researches were done on frequency in the brain. One study on 16 highly trained monks showed that when they are in deep meditative state, that they have higher frequencies than other people. They reach a level called Gamma, which is over 40 Hz. While for example our Theta frequency is 4-7 Hz, when we are between wake and sleep.  This is all so interesting, but what I think it really fascinating that when we become lucididly aware in our dreams, our brain is working on a higher frequency than the highly trained monks could reach with their years of experience. You can reach that state sooner that you think! Think about it, you could have higher frequency in you brain, expanding your awareness and diving deep into you spiritual journey within weeks from now or even sooner. 
You sense of time is also quite different between an OBE and a lucid dream. When you have 5 minutes of experience in a lucid dream it is roughly the same amount of time you experience in you waking hours, but in OBE’s you might experience 60 minutes of OBE experience and it’s actually just 5 minutes in waking time. In OBE your soul is out of you body and there is no concept of linear time.
My best approach so far to have an OBE is to listen to self-hypnosis audios, when falling asleep.
Lucid dreaming is such a clear vision that most of the time it’s more clear than in your waking hours, everything is so crystal clear there. A lucid dream can also be a collective thing to experience. Sharing dreams is something really interesting. You can enter into a dream of an unconscious dreamer or vice versa. But the most powerful is likely to be when you both become fully conscious in a lucid dream and share the experience. There is only one consciousness and we are all connected, remember that.
One of my first OBE’s I had, I called out a name of a person while the energy surge came over me and as soon as I said the persons name I was in their house. I went up to the her laying in her bed and tried to talk to her without luck. But when I touched her hand, she woke up scared. I went closer and said: It’s OK it’s just me! At the same time I used my emotions, not on purpose, but yet did it anyway. I felt empathy and tried to calm her down. She did calm down pretty fast. Then I was snapped back into my body in bed and when I woke up I wrote down the OBE experience and the time it occured, it was around 6am that morning. The next morning I sent that person a message and asked if she had been aware of something that night. She said that she woke up exactly at 6 am, feeling really hot and took her cover off to be able to fall back to sleep. You cannot interact directly like that with people in a lucid dream.
I have read many different experiences about OBE’s from many different people and they all seem to agree, that sounds do not good, but touching someone in an OBE state can be felt by another person.
One seminar in lucid dreaming I read about, was very interesting. The instructor told the people at the workshop to try and eat a chocolate cake while lucid. When they woke up again they said their chocolate cake tasted much better than they had ever experienced. The instructor said that it did not surprise him because the taste was purely mental and not interpreted through the tongue, even though it felt like it was in the lucid dream. This is pretty awesome, but what followed, is what I think is the most remarkable thing about this experience. The next time the participants had chocolate cake in their waking state, it still tasted better than ever before. They had altered their perception of reality with this simple experience while sleeping.
Lucid dreaming has been practiced for thousands of years, but not everyone does it the same way. For example when I spoke with a Buddhist monk from Thailand, he explained that when they go into a lucid dream, they do that through their meditation, sitting upright. Some people believe that by exercising lucid dreaming they are preparing for death or should I say the next phase after death. That is actually one of the things you can experience if you want to. To contact someone who is no longer alive and get them to tell you something you do not know already. You do that just to prove to yourself that you did not just make this whole thing up in you mind, then make sure to verify whatever it is, after you wake up.
Just imagine how much you can carry over into you awakened state by amplifying your abilities in a lucid dream.
There are also concepts like shadow figures that are common in lucid dreaming. A shadow figure is something that you have in you subconscious, but yet might have consciously discarded. The best way to deal with a shadow figure is to show it love. By showing it love, you can integrate it back into yourself and become more whole after the process. A shadow figure will most of the time be presented by a dream figure or an animal in your lucid dream. Just remember that the state of lucid dreaming is perfectly safe and you have great control in there, yet you do not control the dream. You just control your focus in the dream. You are like the sailor on the ocean, you can’t control the sea, but you can control where you sail. You can tell the shadow figure to stop, come here or simply just tell it that you love it dearly and want to integrate with it. Dealing with fear in a lucid dream will have great beneficial impact on you daily life. Remember also how powerful you hypnotist suggestions are in your lucid state. You could for example tell yourself that the next time you taste something you want to stop eating, that it will taste awful to you.
If you just want to experience something fun in you lucid dreams, you can have sex, fly, walk through walls, lift up things with you mind, change the shape of things or parts of the landscape just by deciding it and so on, but just think to yourself, what will be your spiritual gain by only doing that. All I am saying is mix it up, keep the balance and have fun and actually experience something what will help you grow as a person spiritually or heal your wounds. Many people get “hooked” on experiencing better sex that ever and being able to fly, but eventually that will get boring. Why not look at this as a tool to add some extra hours to you spiritual journey and by doing that you also know that in a lucid dream it has much more power because you are working directly with you unconscious mind. Talk to your dreams and ask them to show what will give you most growth, what will benefit you most and so on. You can talk with dream figures but it’s more powerful to talk to the dream directly.
I hope you enjoyed this reading and hopefully you will remember some of these tips to start practicing your lucid dreaming and OBE’s. Don’t be afraid of your own subconscious mind, it’s beautiful and it will never show you anything that you cannot handle.
Here’s to you success and the great experiences that lay ahead on your path.
With light and love, Huni. ❤❤?

How can I impact the world?

How can I impact the world? I need someone who has done it before, to show me how!


I joined the JT Foxx Family in 2015 with a dream of becoming successful and having an impact on the world. In November 2018 I flew to Kenya to plot out the new land I bought for the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence. What I had dreamed about for years, I was now experiencing. How can I start a new educational system and impact the world by show and tell (proof of concept)? It’s already true! Would you like to experience that shift in your reality, in only three years? Of course you would, here is how the JT Foxx Organization impacted my journey.


JT Foxx, Huni Hunfjord, Nido Qubein, John Travolta, Vanilla Ice and 50 Cent

I bought my first personal coaching package at the JT Foxx Organization in February 2016. The first session changed my whole life! After telling my coach about how I want to impact the world, he asked what I want to create, to start stepping towards that dream. I told him I wanted to create a residual cash-flow online seminar. His response was “That’s great, but first write a book about it”.


Your true friends believe in your dreams, but your coaches make you live up to your dreams. They will push you in the right way to bring things out, that you did not know you had. I accepted the challenge, having no plans to write a book, EVER! I finished the 65K word book in one month, without knowing how to, I just did it. Published my first book in October 2016, and now two years later on the 4th of December 2018, I am publishing my 5th book called “You are Freaking Awesome: Waking up to the Secrets You already Know”. This would not be happening if I had not met JT Foxx in Iceland in October 2015.


I started to support the Jabez Orphanage in 2016 a few months after I met JT Foxx and that is no coincidence. Once you set certain energy into motion, things start to happen for you. People and opportunities start to appear in your reality supporting what you have just set into motion. Exactly three years after joining the JT Foxx family I am experiencing the first steps to my life purpose being fully aligned and manifested into my reality. That does not mean it’s done, no it means that I can very soon start working full time on my mission. I am impacting the world with a school system that teaches children to stay unlimited. Focusing on confidence, meditation, mindfulness, happiness, yoga, marketing, branding, investing, company culture, third eye opening, financial literacy and the basics as well, like English and math for example. Fundamentally focusing on changing the system from limiting, to a system that keeps children unlimited. Simply, stepping aside and letting the 5 years old genius stay a genius as an adult (I am referring to the NASA genius test, Tedx talk on December 2011, called The Failure Of Success presented by George Land).


I can speak with confidence about limitations being created by the current school systems, as I have finished my Masters Degree in business after studying abroad. I have even taught business at a University for four years myself. It was not until I started to learn from people who have done what I wanted to accomplish that I started to see how the world really works. There is so much difference in learning from people who have done things and learning from people who teach the theory behind things. Learning and being able to consult your coach about what you are doing is something you do not learn in school, I am changing that. Now that I have my targeted budget set to go and I know how much I must set aside or get donated towards to cause, to be able to go back to Kenya for 3 months to build a house, and two classrooms, I can set my focus on manifesting that into my reality in 2019.


During my stay in Kenya in November 2018, I met contractors, landlords, teachers and caretakers. I learned how much I need to drill for water and what permits are needed, how to build a methane gas production tank for the human waste so we can use the methane to cook with for the children. How to clean the water we use in the sinks and shower, to be able to reuse it, to water the crops. How much each brick cost to manufacture and how long each process will take. Read more about Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence here


I think the most important part of my journey with the JT Foxx Organization is learning to network with like minded people, how to brand myself and how to organize my time to become more productive in all aspects of my journey. JT Foxx is not only JT, he is also all his coaches and staff as well. Even though he is successful and wise beyond years, he is a family unit! When you join the JT Foxx Family, you get the whole family and access to incredible coaches and staff who make up this fantastic company. I have been to many events, I have gotten personal coaching and also been part of the Dream Team events, each one has incredible value, in it’s own way, not making any one less than the other, but more like the support one another, just like a family. All the profits from my new book will go directly into the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence development.


Why am I starting the school in Africa? Because my own country is so proud of the current school system, they do not see the current flaws. Because schools are a tool to control the masses around the world. Tool to create workers for the big factories out there. Thankfully we do see some schools changing in the world, but many countries think that with unlimited all powerful manifesting individuals, that they will loose control of the masses and this is a big reason why we are not implementing these changes everywhere in the world. With building a school like the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence and graduating average jedi’s, we can provide proof of concept to be presented to the rest of the world.

Huni and Godwin with the children of Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Huni teaching the children to open their third eye at the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Huni teaching the children to play cards at the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Huni teaching the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence, reading the book You Are Freaking Awesome
Huni setting an assignment to write a book the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Huni Speaking at Church at the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Children Greeting Huni at Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence


If this story touches you, I encourage you to join the JT Foxx Family. If my mission encourage you, I welcome you to get in touch with me personally and see how we can contribute together so you can be a part of this world changing project.


With light, love and gratitude, Huni Hunfjord ❤❤


Huni Hunfjord, Launches His Highly Acclaimed Mindfulness Life Purpose Walking Program Focus Gym Walk the Talk. Now Finally Converted Into In His New Book, You Are Freaking Awesome: Waking Up To The Secrets You Already Know.


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Author – “After studying most of my life I experienced how little you learn about life and the abilities that you are all born with in the traditional school systems around the world. I graduated from Campbellsville University, KY with a Bachelor’s degree in Business in 2002, then started to teach Business at the University of Akureyri in Iceland in 2003. In 2012 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Business from the University of Akureyri and moved into the Film industry working for a global TV brand LazyTown for three years and graduated from post production film school, Escape Studios in London, 2011. It was not until I started to learn from my mentors and coaches in late 2012 that I really saw how limiting the school system is. I currently read more than 30 books per year now gathering knowledge from all over the globe that I implement into my own life and teach how you can do the same. On my morning run early in January 2017 I started to think, as I looked over the gym floor, how it makes no sense to me, that 20-30 percent of people have a gym membership, yet only about two percent use their membership on a regular basis. I was already teaching and writing books at that time, about how amazing you are and how easy it is to open up the gifts you have inside of you. I wondered if we could combine both learning how to remember how truly awesome you are and get some cardio while doing so, but I had to think outside the box, because most people don’t make the effort to show up at the gym. That is when I started to create the audio lectures program that you listen to while taking a walk outside, breathing in fresh oxygen and feeling the power of mindfulness, helping my clients remember who they really are and what incredible power awaits inside of you to be unleashed. This book is adapted from the audio lectures into this amazing book which will enable you to tap into the lost ancient knowledge you have in your DNA. All you must do is to trust me a little bit, empty your glass, and read with an open mind. After reading and implementing some of the very easy-to-follow exercises, you will be, act, and walk vibrating at a frequency I like to call freaking awesome.❤❤?”


Focus Gym ❤❤ Walk the Talk (also known as Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you!) has been very successful for two years now and here are some of the things the beautiful souls say about the program:


Immediately after my first walk, I knew I wanted to know more about this amazing program that had such a big impact on my life in just a few minutes! I took a leap of faith and started the journey with the Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! family. It has certainly been a great journey for me. Everyone in my environment has noticed the changes in my life and I feel people wondering what has happened to make this change possible. What few people know is that my change happened because I decided to open my heart and mind to everything Focus Gym ❤ ❤ Be you! offers. I learned that I’m great just the way I am. I control my own reality. It is my decision! Earlier, I had often heard people say that they woke up in the morning and they would decided to be happy. I used to think that this was total nonsense. I mean, how in the world could people allow themselves to say such nonsense. Now a few weeks later I am that person, I have never been happier and I so grateful. I look forward to taking the next level with the Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! family. You came into my life at the right time, and for that I will always be grateful. – Linda Rós


The best decision of my life in very a long time, to join Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! After the course, I have not only increased my cardio, but I have learned to love myself and my family, unconditionally. I have gained power and faith in myself and I look forward to take on new challenges and I believe in myself and I am really putting myself in first place – Thanks for the wonderful course! ❤❤ – Hrefna Tómasar


When I heard of Focus Gym ❤❤ Be You! I was not in a good place in life, all lights had been extinguished and I was trapped in a deep hole. But somehow Focus Gym grabbed my attention and I went for it. I do not regret that decision, the walks, meditation, exercises and everything that I listened to really got me and I managed to crawl up out of the hole and I saw the light again. I swear that Focus Gym saved my life, I went into such great self-examination and I practiced and I am still practicing to see both myself and life in new light ❤❤ – Unnur Helga Snorradóttir


To go for a walk while listening to Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! was for me like spiritual nourishment and uplifting. I felt excited about going back outside to listen and walk, after the 2nd or 3rd walk. Lot of lectures surprised me and they more often than not, struck a nerve and provoked me to wonder about a lot of things in life. I experiences a calmness that came over my soul and I felt more joy by simply existing. – Dagmar Ýr Ólafsdóttir


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Andrew Patterson also known as the Renaissance Guy on Facebook, is an amazing human being making a lot of difference for South Africa with 365 Ubuntu Climbs, funding homes, teaching underprivileged children to read and building a database for leukemia. He had this to say about the program:


Beyond Publishing CEO, Michael D. Butler says, “We are very excited about You Are Freaking Awesome and are getting great feedback from book distributors globally who want to carry it in their countries. As a way of introducing Huni’s book to the market we are offering the E-Book, a no-brainer pre-sale on Amazon for just $0.99 cents. The official Ebook launch date is the 4th of December 2018 and hard copy launch is on the 15th of December 2018.


As we have now moved into the new cycle of feminine energy on earth, the human race is taking gigantic leaps forward in our consciousness and people are waking up all over the world. This book is packed with knowledge and exercises to get anyone started on their own journey manifesting their desires and allowing you to put yourself number one. As we are all connected so by you taking your journey to the next level, you are really showing your love for humanity. Each little drop in the pot that lives in a state of awareness and love, raises the temperature of awareness in the pot until the whole pot reaches a boiling point and that is when we all become ready for the shift. No one is left behind, your job is to take care of yourself first and love yourself and that is how you help all of us in the best possible way.


I’m happy to announce that my 5th book launched on December 4th, 2018. and the printed hard copy on the 15th of December 2018.
All the profits go into building a school for the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence in Kenya (


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Soul Group, Pre-Birth Planning, Contracts, Karma and Free Will.

You may have heard the concept of a soul group, but do you know what exactly that means?
Your soul group is a group of souls that incarnate on earth to learn the next lesson needed for each of the soul in the group for their spiritual growth. Depending on the size of the soul group, is how frequently you can reincarnate here. If the group is large then the first souls that finish their lives here has to wait until all the group is on the other side before reviewing what lessons were learned in this lifetime and what lessons are needed next or if some of the souls need to repeat the lesson that was supposed to be learned. There are a few exceptions to his rule, like with everything of course.


Some people have the ability to go into trance or to channel in this lifetime and they have the ability to access the soul groups pre-birth planning sessions. The reason this is available to us is for further spiritual growth.

Your soul group does not necessarily incarnate in the same continent, but yet you will meet in this lifetime if it is part of the soul group life lesson planning. It is very common to find that people have been playing different roles with the souls that are close to them in this lifetime, in another lifetime. For example if you are close to your parents and siblings, this can be altered throughout lifetimes. One lifetime you might have been the mom, another the father and yet another the son and so forth, all depending on what you need to learn for you soul’s journey and growth.

Your soul group support one another with pure love and when we make these contracts with another soul, it could be something like that you want the soul to cause you an accident in this lifetime so that you can step into the light and shine your light here on earth for all the other members of your soul group to learn from. When contracts like that are made, they are made with love and once the experience is over with, you will rejoin your soul group to go over the lives lived and see if all the souls learned what they set their intention to learn and what the next steps are.

We also have another important factor in the pre-birth planning, and that is karma. Many people think that karma is punishment, while it is not, it is simply cause and effect, just like if you threw up an apple into the air. That is the cause and the effect is the gravity pulling the apple back to the ground. Karma is balancing out the energy flow of life. You may harm someone in one life and then be the victim in another life to experience both sides, balancing it out. One woman who was born blind, found out in a trans session that she decided this and wanted it for her karma, because she caused blindness to others in another life. We have many examples of this today. Many who are documented and you can read about.

Let’s take an example of karma for the soul group. If you would want to learn how to receive love in this physical form, you might make a contract for a soul to take care of you through sickness or even a soul to cause you to become dependent on others. Another soul in your group might accept the role of the care giver, one soul the inflicter and you as the dependent. This could also mean a lot more souls participating in this lesson, but sometimes it’s with fewer souls. The soul group will lay out a checkers board like strategic map of each souls path and how they inter-cross one another during the incarnation and this is much more complex than it sounds. And then yet another factor to this planning is the fact that all souls have free will.

With free will it means that your journey is not written in stone. Your plan looks like a highway with many exits, you can take any exit at any time during your life and that will effect the outcome, it will effect your lessons learned. Remember that nothing is right nor wrong, it’s all an experience. Some exits are there so you can step out of the body and try again, learn what you need on the spirit side and get prepared again. Some exits are to alter your journey to learn another lesson and some exits are to cross paths with others from your soul group.

Suicides are more common for spirits who have not had many reincarnations. Their soul is so unadapted to the duality of life that it is often their choice to end this life sooner than planned, not remembering that they are pure spirit of love. Although some take their lives, it is another form of a lesson to be learned. If a soul ends their incarnation early, before they are supposed to go, we often see walk-ins. A walk-in spirit is where a person attempts suicide or has an accident and the soul is ready to go but the body can do great spiritual work on this earth. Then another more mature soul often steps into that body. When this happens the new soul will get all the DNA- and body memories and feel as if it has lived that life, not remembering anything else. We all are born without memory of who we truly are and it has great purpose to do it that way. When this happens often the people around that person will notice a personality change after the accident and that person will take another path in life from there on. We have several writings about walk-in spirits. I can name one here as an example of a walk-in spirit, his name is Drunvalo Melchizedek. His path changes significantly after the walk-in occurred. He has written books where he channels information from decedent masters after the walk-in and he has been given the knowledge that he is a walk-in. You can look him up online if you are interested to see what was so important that the walk-in was accepted and approved.

Your soul group are the spirits that work together to learn from the duality of life and once they have achieved their spiritual journey of growth, they can ascend to the next level of their journey. The next level of this game, we call life.

The next time you think about someone or something that has happened to you, keep it in mind that this might have been and most like has been contracted before your birth with love, for your own spiritual growth. Just by altering your perception of the incident or person in this way, may be just what you need to see the lesson you had to learn and look at this incidence or person with love and gratitude.

The highest form of healing is in forgiving with love. Forgiving others and yourself. When you forgive someone in your life, you do not need to confront that person, the forgiveness is for your healing.

This brings to mind the story about the twins from holocaust. Eva Mozes Kor was one of the twins who the Germans experimented on, yet she has found the power to forgive doctor Josef Mengele (also known as the “Angle of Death”) for all that was done to them during these horrendous times. She is a great example of a soul who chose to experience the worst of the worst and learn to forgive and teach others by her example here on earth. Remember that the other souls doing the bad things also knew before hand, as they accepted this challenge, that they would do such things. All life lessons are decided with love on the spirit side with your soul group and sometimes with many other soul groups, when the events effect many other souls as well, like in the war. Here you can see Eva’s powerful story and how strong her spirit is.
Forgiving is healing.


Remember this life of duality is designed for you to grow. No matter how things seem as you go through them, it is all done for you, with the highest intent in mind and pure love.

With light, love and gratitude, I love you Húni Húnfjörð ❤❤?

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