Soul Group, Pre-Birth Planning, Contracts, Karma and Free Will.

You may have heard the concept of a soul group, but do you know what exactly that means?   Your soul group is a group of souls that incarnate on earth to learn the next lesson needed for each of the soul in the group for their spiritual growth. Depending on the size of the […]

Ancient Knowledge – meaning of triple numbers

You may often see triple numbers appear in your world and when you look online to see what they mean. You usually will find some Angel numbers as aspect of numerology or some astrological personalized explanation about these numbers. After I read the Serpent of Light by Drunvalo Melchizedek, it made more sense to me that these […]

Súkkulaði og móðir jörð

Venjulegt fólk úr samfélaginu leggur á stað í ferðalag þann 12. júlí 2018.     Málari, lögfræðingur, leiðsögumaður, nemandi, kennari og svo framvegis, leggja öll af stað í sama ferðalagið á fimmtudegi eftir að hafa lokað tölvupóst forritinu og látið vini, vinnufélaga og fjölskyldu vita að ekki verði auðvelt að ná í þau næstu 3 […]

Your words are POWERFUL

You are incredibly powerful and shape the world with your emotions and words!   Think about, the way you talk to others and how you talk to yourself. First I want to tell you, if you don’t already know, that words have a strong and lasting effects on your environment, yourself and others, even on […]

Coincidences or Meaning

Coincidences or not? Have you been wondering if coincidences of random events are happening around you or if they all mean something?   Everything is either all a coincidence or all not, it’s that simple. Have you ever heard someone say, that you need to take full responsibility for your life to be able to […]