Your goals and health.

Is your health worth more than your success? Think about that for a minute. 🤔 Many of us take that path of doing whatever it takes to succeed. Many of us don’t understand the difference between doing whatever it takes and doing whatever it takes without jeopardizing our health.  The more I explore the world […]

Lucid Dreaming and OBE’s. Sex, Fly, Meditate and Heal.

Lucid dreaming and OBE’s I woke up paralyzed and tried my best to not get too excited about it. I had taken a nap during the middle of the day after reading a book about OBE’s (out of body experiences, astral travel or like some people call it projection of consciousness). I remembered the training, […]

How can I impact the world?

How can I impact the world? I need someone who has done it before, to show me how!   I joined the JT Foxx Family in 2015 with a dream of becoming successful and having an impact on the world. In November 2018 I flew to Kenya to plot out the new land I bought […]


Huni Hunfjord, Launches His Highly Acclaimed Mindfulness Life Purpose Walking Program Focus Gym Walk the Talk. Now Finally Converted Into In His New Book, You Are Freaking Awesome: Waking Up To The Secrets You Already Know.   Press Release and Media inquiries by []   Author – “After studying most of my life I experienced […]

Soul Group, Pre-Birth Planning, Contracts, Karma and Free Will.

You may have heard the concept of a soul group, but do you know what exactly that means?   Your soul group is a group of souls that incarnate on earth to learn the next lesson needed for each of the soul in the group for their spiritual growth. Depending on the size of the […]