Learn the Secrets to Raising Top 1% Children


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Regan Hillyer - Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Educator, & Speaker


Incredible read. HIGHLY recommend any parent or future parent dives into this and reads every word!!

Regan Hillyer - Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Educator, & Speaker Regan Hillyer
MG - Amazon Customer

Teaches how to be a super-parent!

This is a really useful, informative, concise and easy to read guide of immense value to all parents! Parenting is really hard, and most of us can’t find the directions that are supposed to come with our kids. Well, this is the guide! There are too many theories about raising children that are later proven incorrect. This book is based on sound proof of what works. I highly recommend it!

MG - Amazon Customer

About the Author

Top 1% Parents Raise Top 1% ChildrenHuni Hunfjord is the author of Watchon Sleeping Habits and Routines and Founder of the Watchon brand. A father of three children that lives in Iceland. Children and entrepreneurship are core to his life. Huni loves creating apps, music videos and interactive stories centered around children that parents can use to help them grow and develop into the best possible version of themselves. This book has grown out of that commitment to excellence and helping future generations succeed beyond their wildest dreams.



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