I was lucky to meet Huni on December 11th 2018 when he brought his energy to the work rehabilitation center. I was fascinated by everything he presented, because I believe and know that I also possess abilities. I scheduled an appointment on Friday the 14th of December.
I have struggled with severe anxiety attacks, severe depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of motivation, self doubt, pain all over my body and severe pelvic arthropathy since 2016, and I have been dwelling on my past way too much.
I showed up at 8 am for my appointment, and got a very warm welcome. Huni has a very nice presence. Warm room, candle lights and relaxing music. We started talking about life in general and building a good connection. Then he took me on a journey into a past life, it was an amazing experience and I saw both good and bad things from that life, and experienced it, as we journeyed together through that past life. Then he supported and guided me through my self healing process. Huni is amazing, I fell asleep but heard his soft calming voice every now and then. Then suddenly I was wide awake.
The day after, I felt how my energy had increased, joy of life and I was ready to take the initiative. I cleaned my whole apartment and yet, late that evening I still had plenty of energy and no pain in my pelvic or anywhere else for that matter. The next day I put up all the Christmas decorations, still buzzing with energy and no pain. On the third day I went Christmas shopping still energized and no pain.
I have not felt any anxiety since. I am without pain, in a good mood, no depression has crept in and I do not procrastinate, thanks to 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and go. I do not dwell in the past, learned to forgive and see things in a different perspective.
I recommend this for all who want to revitalize their body and soul.
I am so grateful for this process and to get to know wonderful Huni.
I will definitely do this 2-3 times per year.
Thank you, with love and gratitude in my heart.
Sigga Karo.

Húni was kind from the very beginning. He explained everything clearly which made me feel secure, assertive and calm. I felt peaceful, my head was not so foggy after the session. Some changes are happening now. I can see clearly and can do more.
Thank you Húni. I am truly grateful for your compassion.
I wouldn’t write something I don’t feel. I am grateful. And I do feel better.
Thank you. ? Patricia Pat.

Have been overwhelmed from the beginning, and enjoyed it immensely to listen to all of these pearls of wisdom. This has been constructive, informative and has changed a lot of things for me, I feel energetic and I have stopped procrastinating things I was doing and the relaxation is wonderful. I always look forward to going outside and I will continue. –Sigrún Petersen

I looked forward to each walk and got into a routine with cardio training and my soul has started to prioritize in my mind and use the tools I learned to use in Focus Gym ❤❤Be you! Often the experience was so profound that I got goose bumps while listening and I always came home with a smile and I now have more faith in myself and life. I have dived deep into my subconscious mind and reversed mind blocks that have stopped me in some projects or lost focus on in the past, I have completed the exercises in level 3 and it has strengthened me and I have learned to open myself up and become unafraid to do so. Without hesitation I recommend Focus Gym ❤❤ Be You! if you want to grow,  thrive and live your life in the present moment. ? – Helena Hólm

Thank you so much ❤ I love being a part of Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! ? This program really helped me take the first steps and helped me take that extra step, further than before and things are really changing in my life and the people around me notice it ? Even my husband said that these walks were doing something great for me ❤ Having and receiving all this encouragement through the lectures on my walks make the walks so great and no matter how tired or exhausted I was, I still went outside for a walk and each time felt great after the walk. ❤❤ – Birgitta Elin Helgadóttir

When I heard of Focus Gym ❤❤ Be You! I was not in a good place in life, all lights had been extinguished and I was trapped in a deep hole. But somehow Focus Gym grabbed my attention and I went for it. I do not regret that decision, the walks, meditation, exercises and everything that I listened to really got me and I managed to crawl up out of the hole and I saw the light again. I swear that Focus Gym saved my life, I went into such great self-examination and I practiced and I am still practicing to see both myself and life in new light ❤❤ Unnur Helga Snorradóttir

The walks, train of thought, exercises and relaxation have done a lot for me. I began to take better care of myself and being more present. Stop constantly looking in my rear-view mirror. Changes for the better and I took a big leap forward. – Sóley Margeirsdóttir

Immediately after my first walk, I knew I wanted to know more about this amazing program that had such a big impact on my life in just a few minutes! I took a leap of faith and started the journey with the Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! family. It has certainly been a great journey for me. Everyone in my environment has noticed the changes in my life and I feel people wondering what has happened to make this change possible. What few people know is that my change happened because I decided to open my heart and mind to everything Focus Gym ❤ ❤ Be you! offers. I learned that I’m great just the way I am. I control my own reality. It is my decision! Earlier, I had often heard people say that they woke up in the morning and they would decided to be happy. I used to think that this was total nonsense. I mean, how in the world could people allow themselves to say such nonsense. Now a few weeks later I am that person, I have never been happier and I so grateful. I look forward to taking the next level with the Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! family. You came into my life at the right time, and for that I will always be grateful. – Linda Rós

I am a C person, who could not lift myself from the chair and I was getting dangerously close to becoming depressed and negative. I had lost all muscle mass, but now I have started the journey with a big smile on my face and happiness in my heart ❤ I used to get up late and wore my pajamas late into the day, without doing anything, because everything seemed hopeless. Now, especially this morning I woke up and sat in the chair and pondered, why am I sitting here, why don’t I get dressed and head on out for a walk, then do exercises and relaxation meditation and the day will be a good day. I did, I was outside at 9am floating through a long walk and realized I am always smiling. As a C person I had given up hope that I could start over, everything looked hopeless. I am still smiling and laughing even though some days are hard. I am so proud, that I go for a walk every day now and do all the exercises, I just had to share this with you. Also wanted to tell you that you have given me a great opportunity, you believed in me and always motivated me to move forward. I will continue and manifest my dreams and continue to learn to love me. Many thanks for everything, big hug ❤ ? Love you ❤ ❤ – Guðrún Agnes Einarsdóttir

You have certainly helped me with the right steps in the right direction. The walks have done so much for me and your pearls of wisdom have been very useful for me. I have been looking more within, I am also writing down more and setting goals. Thank you so much ❤❤ you are amazing ? – Helga Ágústsdóttir

My experience with Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! has been great. Going for walks and listening to uplifting lectures is awesome and gives me a lot. All the content and the exercises are very interesting and informative. – Rannveig Berthelsen

Wow what a wonderful novelty program to listen to while walking outside! Just finished level 2 now and this is just awesome, I stay mentally and spiritually balanced. I look forward to going outside alone enjoying myself and listening to great lectures and breathing fresh air. I recommend that you try it, you deserve it. I look forward to go on Level 3. Go Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! – Þóra Jónína Hjálmarsdóttir

The best decision of my life in very a long time, to join Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! After the course, I have not only increased my cardio, but I have learned to love myself and my family, unconditionally. I have gained power and faith in myself and I look forward to take on new challenges and I believe in myself and I am really putting myself in first place – Thanks for the wonderful course! ❤❤ – Hrefna Tómasar

I have been struggling with a lot of depression, so one dark winter day I saw an ad about Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you !, and I was absolutely surprised, did not know what to do except, all I knew I would have to go for a walk , it was exciting and something new, after my first walk, I immediately realized how great I felt after each walk and at last I experienced myself as unique and that I have a purpose. I felt how I have the right to be here and I felt something awakening within me. Finally, I understand that I am allowed have “me” time being a mother of 5 children, I just did not allow myself that in the past but felt that I could give more of myself with each walk a took, and today I’m happy and allow myself to smile and give more of myself than before. I have found myself and this has made me stronger and I am better equipped to deal with life, I have a long way to go but I have started and that’s what matters the most. – Anonymity – Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you!

I enjoyed the walks but do not quite know how to describe the experience. A remember in one of the first walks that you talked about the when experiencing pain to remember how you felt before the pain, I used that method while giving birth now on the 20th of March 2017? and she is like a dream come true!  Elva Björk Margeirsdóttir

To go for a walk while listening to Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! was for me like spiritual nourishment and uplifting. I felt excited about going back outside to listen and walk, after the 2nd or 3rd walk. Lot of lectures surprised me and they more often than not, struck a nerve and provoked me to wonder about a lot of things in life. I experiences a calmness that came over my soul and I felt more joy by simply existing. – Dagmar Ýr Ólafsdóttir

Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! is completely different from what I have experienced before. These are great walks that give me joy and pleasure. I liked going on these walks and listen to the lectures, it has helped me a lot. ? I recommend Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! for everyone. ? – Díana Björg

I would like to start by thanking you for wonderful lectures and meditations. I have always been very active in various sports, but I had a bit of sickness last years and have been working on getting back and this has been a great addition to it. I’m very excited to go to outside for a walk with such encouragement and positivity in my ears. ? I went on all the walks and some more than once. I think the meditations are very good, I have not been able to meditate so easy before, and I think that’s great. I do believe that this is helping me with regards to energy, joy and positivity, – Anonymity – Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you!

I really enjoyed walking and listening to Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you!, unintentionally I began to think about myself and found an analogy with the lectures. Thought to myself: Yes, I really need to do that, and I really want that and I became more positive after the walks. The relaxation was wonderful as well, to lie down and I often I fell asleep and woke up after the count down had finished. ?Sometimes when I got home, tired from work, I laid down for 15 minutes to listen, fell a sleep and woke up refreshed. It was a really good time to listen for me, as I got divorced about a year ago (after 20 years of marriage) and it was good to go out and be alone with myself and Focus Gym ❤❤Be you! and take care of myself and ponder what I want and how I’m going to live my life. I often felt better going out at night in the dark, felt like I got more in touch with myself then. I always looked forward to listen and that motivated me to go outside. Thank you so much. Sólrún Sigurjónsdóttir

I learned to appreciate myself and believe and trust in me. I learned a lot of new ways and methods to take better care of myself. I experienced great joy in the walks and more energy and no matter how tired and drained I was, I always just went outside on the next walk to know more and to feel better and I always found myself refreshed after all the walks and so full of enthusiasm ❤❤ – Birgitta Elín Helgadóttir

I loved taking the walks, looked forward all day to take the walks, and often I woke up at 6 am to walk and walked twice those days ? I feel I have really grown and flourished in the first month, I have been more cheerful and happier. I often got this “aha” moment when I was listening to the lectures and sometimes goose bumps. I managed lift myself out of a long hard period in my life with the walks and the relaxation, that I really love! – Vilhelmína O. Arnardóttir

A great program, great well-being and constructive, I felt really great on the walks and the relaxation is great. Sjöfn Sverrisdóttir

A great new addition to build up spiritually and get to know who you really are and of course, it is awesome to walk outside by yourself in Icelandic weather and listen to Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! and get a new vision of life and change your mindset for the better. You have built a great program which deserves a compliment! I’m always smiling and cheerful when I wake up in the morning and can’t wait to go out. Thank you so much for everything! – Þóra Jónína Hjálmarsdóttir

The walks charged me up with energy and encourage one to examine your own life with the eyes of a researchers to see what you can do better. The meditation, relaxation, and exercises added even more to the experience. – Kristín Hrönn Árnadóttir


Incredible read. HIGHLY recommend any parent or future parent dives into this and reads every word!!

Regan Hillyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Educator, & Speaker at Regan Hillyer

A must read if you want your children to succeed beyond their wildest imagination.
As we all know and realise, normal schooling today does not provide the foundation or support for our children to go out into the world and be truly successful. The responsibility and accountability is coming back to rest upon the shoulders of the parents. This means that parents today must be actively on the path to their own successes to enable them to best guide, teach and inspire their children to best the best they can be.
This book provides parents with priceless guidance and information to take their own lives to the next level and in so doing providing them with the tools to show their children the way.
Be prepared to look at the world through a fresh new set of eyes, once you have read this book and believe me your children will thank you for it, one day very soon.
Ruth Coetzee – Serial Entrepreneur, International Award Winner, Digital Publisher, Small Biz Consultant, Content Creator and published co-author of “From Fed Up to Fabulous” a #1 Amazon Best Seller at ESelfpublishing Services

This INCREDIBLE book will give you new perspective of your whole life.
It is not only for parents, it is for anyone who is willing to take full responsibility of his life. You will Discover such AMAZING information, which can really change your and your family future in a positive way.

Michal Mirejovsky
Holistic lifestyle coach, fitness and survival army instructor

MG - Amazon CustomerTeaches how to be a super-parent!
This is a really useful, informative, concise and easy to read guide of immense value to all parents! Parenting is really hard, and most of us can’t find the directions that are supposed to come with our kids. Well, this is the guide! There are too many theories about raising children that are later proven incorrect. This book is based on sound proof of what works. I highly recommend it!
MG – Amazon Customer

 Huni Hunfjord

Mindfulness, Health and Business Coach – Your Growth is My Focus!
Huni Hunfjord is the author of Sleeping Habits and Routines, Top 1% Parents Raise Top 1% Children, Our Road without Boundaries, The Mentorian and founder of the Watchon brand, Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! and Focus Gym Walk the Talk.
Personal growth and entrepreneurship are core to his life. Huni loves to help people grow, spiritually and economically, and help them develop into the best possible version of themselves. May your future hold riches beyond your wildest dreams.


You gave me the right information to make a decision i was unsure about ! … Gold!
Hayley Birtles Eades – CEO at Love Lockets

I met Húni in 2016 during my deployment in Iceland where I was with Czech Air Force. I was there as part of logistic team. After few weeks we were meeting several times every day and we realized that we have a lot in common, mainly basketball because we both played on top level. Húni told me about his amazing journey, how he became entrepreneur, coach, mentor, who tries help other people to grow and thrive in their lives. He voluntarily started help me on my journey. At the beginning we focused on my financial situation because he is well educated in this area. He recommended to me the book from Robert Kiyosaki – Rich dad, Poor dad which helped me change my attitude towards money, I know better what is a liability and what is asset for me now. I also read Húni’s book – Top 1% Parents Raise Top 1% Children, it gave me another new perspectives to my life. This book isn’t only for parents, it is for everyone who is willing to take full responsibility of his life. I want to share few things which Húni taught me and helped me in my progression to fulfill my full potential as a coach and a person:
– find what’s stooping my progress
– celebrate each little victory in my life
– find my own way
– turn things I don’t want into desirable goals
– visualize my goals and I will achieve them faster
– make future diary and dream board
– take responsibility for everything in my life
– negative thoughts slow me down on my journey to success
– I will give up: complaints, limiting believes, blaming others, negative self talk, resilience to change, need to impress others, need for approval from others
– learn something new every day
I’ve tried to implement those things to my life and I can tell you right now that those things have helped me to change my life. A year later I write these words as a strength and conditional coach by Czech national men’s basketball team which is absolutely a DREAM COME TRUE for me!!! It is little bit funny that my first match on the bench was against Iceland, but I don’t believe anything is really a coincidences because everything what is happen to me is result of Law of Attraction.
I can tell you here honestly, I wouldn’t be so successful without Húni, so I have to say in the end – THANK YOU – Húni for everything you’ve done for me my friend.
Michal Mirejovsky – Strength and conditional coach
Czech Basketball National Team

I know Huni as an amazing inspiring person with a heart of gold and a drive for success and commitment. After working with Huni and seeing the amazing results he created for not only himself but also others I started to pay more and more attention to his way of thinking, working g and inspiring others…..Yep…I got infected with the Huni bug. This guy pushed me to go for that what not only makes me happy but also healthier, happy and self-driven. I picked up the habits he was teaching me and others and am now on a diet / training mission to lose 30+ kilogram. The results are already mind blowing. I lost 12 kilograms in just over a month with a healthy smart diet, working out and sleep enough. This combination and the full support of Huni will get me there for sure. Thanks for being a friend and a health mentor for me Huni.
Alexanger Evengroen – CEO at STAR5 Developers Cambodia

Ever since I got coached by Mr Huni Hunfjord, I’ve learned the importance of writing down your intentions/goals in a way that will ensure that your conscious mind and subconscious mind can correspond towards achieving them. He taught me the most valuable skills of opening and closing a deal in the most effective and yet professional way. He drastically changed my life because i now live a life of purpose after doing one of his courses. He is one of the most focused people who are willing to make the world a better place through changing people’s lives. His advice’s are always practical and realistic hence I managed to get the most out of them. He is very consistent with everything he initiates hence he always gets the best results out of his students. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s devoted to their personal development and getting a success mindset.
Gunners Mathaha – Entrepreneur

Andrew Patterson also known as the Renaissance Guy on Facebook. He is an amazing human being making a lot of difference for South Africa with 365 Ubuntu Climbs, funding homes, teaching underprivileged children to read and building a database for leukemia. Jump on the opportunity to support this great cause as he climbs the Table Top Mountain for 365 days in a row in 2018.
Andrew got the change to walk up the mountain while listening to the Focus Gym  Walk the Talk lectures and here is his testimonial.