Huni Hunfjord was born and raised in Iceland. He has been in sports most of his life, 18 years in basketball and 3 years in rugby and after retiring from sports he meditates and runs on a regular basis.


Huni was studying physics and natural philosophy in junior college when he got the call from USA, letting him know that he just got a full scholarship in KY to play basketball. In the first year at the university he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and that was the first time in his life he ever experienced a moment of pure clarity and knowing that everything would be OK. After facing the news and undergoing surgery and loosing 40 pounds in 10 days in the hospital, he amazingly surprised everyone when he was officially released 30 days after the surgery to be able to play basketball again. Since then he has been fascinated with how the human body works and how we can cure illness but more importantly, how we can prevent the body from getting ill.

After graduating with a Business degree, he started to teach at the university in Akureyri in Iceland, where he also finished his masters degree in business. He then finished post production film school in London around the same time and while he was studying for all those years, he kept education himself on the human body and paying close attention to all his trainers and coaches, learning everything he could. Since 2012, he has read over 30 books per year and constantly keeps adding on to his knowledge about health. Huni is a serial entrepreneur, mindfulness and health coach, speaker, author and philanthropist.


Put the oxygen mask on you first then your child. You might have heard this in an airplane before and it makes sense because if you don’t do yourself first, then you might pass out while assisting others. The same can be said about your health, if you do not take care of yourself first, then you are not performing at you highest level. If you do not take care of your health first, then you will never live a truly fulfilled life. It’s time to change that right now and for you to live the life you deserve, healthy, wealthy and happy.

The books he has published can be found right here – click here

With light and love, Huni ❤❤

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