Is your health worth more than your success? Think about that for a minute. ?
Many of us take that path of doing whatever it takes to succeed. Many of us don’t understand the difference between doing whatever it takes and doing whatever it takes without jeopardizing our health. 
The more I explore the world and learn new things and processes, the more I see that I am unique when it comes to my health and success. 
My journey started in 2012, when I started to learn for real, after finishing my masters in business. That is when I started to learn from those who have done remarkable things in life, instead of learning hypothetical methods and processes taught in schools. 
What makes me different when it comes to health? I do things to prevent having to look for a cure. The more people I help and connect with, the more I see how most of us take our health for granted. We need to get sick and then our 100 dreams become ONE BIG DREAM, to get healthy again. 
I breathe everyday. Yes I know you do also, but do you do it consciously? 
What kills cancer? Do you know that? Oxygen kills cancer. 

The more alkaline your body is the less fertile your soil becomes to grow illness in your body. Alkaline body is a must to maintain health and yes, also to cure what needs to be cured. It’s not the alkalinity that cures, but it gives your body a chance to do so on it’s own. When your body is acidic, your body is fighting to get it alkaline again. Then it’s priority is not on defending, maintaining or healing your body, only to get it alkaline again.
I go into cold water everyday. When your body learns how to stay calm in cold water, you teach your body to handle cortisol, the stress hormone. When you breathe consciously and go into cold water, tub or shower, then magic happens in your body. You produce il 10 key messaging protein that helps the body to stay in stressful situations without creating inflammation. Like you might know by now, inflammation is the source of most all diseases. 

How does this relate to you? When you push yourself to succeed, you push your body as well. You create more saber tooth tigers in your reality, by adding on responsibilities and the stress that comes with that. I say saber tooth tigers to make a point. We have stress factors all around us and each hard decision creates cortisol stress hormone in your body, but if you are not actively teaching your body to stay calm, then you invite inflammation to build up. Cold water is a great teacher. 
What else do I do daily to get my body more alkaline? I drink very small amounts of food grade hydrogen peroxide. This can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, but if done right then people see their PH levels rise in their body. Your body becomes more alkaline. Why is this not taught anywhere? Because it’s one of the key elements in the periodic table and hence no profits will be made from teaching you how to use this key element for your health or cure. 
If you think you are drinking good bottled water, then make sure to read the outside of the bottle. If the water is truly good for you. If the water is alkaline, they will state it on the bottle. If there is nothing about PH levels on the water bottle, I can almost promise you that you are drinking acidic water. Anything above 7.2 PH is alkaline. Drinking good water is not the same as just drinking water everyday. 
To keep your health means that you can push yourself way outside your comfort zone and stay calm in the new exciting environment you step into. 

Let me just finish this short article by reminding you that there is nothing that is not curable. Being told something is incurable only means that the system or individual that diagnosed you can no longer help you heal yourself. 
Here are a few topics for you to look into if you are on your way towards your dreams and want to keep your health while doing so:
  • Lucid dreaming (dream yoga), and the power of healing.

  • Out of body experience (astral travel) and the power of healing.

  • Daily chakra cleaning and repairing, getting your energy in the right flow.

  • Daily aura cleaning and repairing. Those who can see auras can see before you manifest a disease in your body and this can be prevented. 

  • Energy healing and preventions

  • Reiki healing techniques and energy balancing.

  • Meditation

  • Health mindset rituals and the power of your words, when it comes to your body and mental health. 

  • Distance healing and the power of the collective consciousness. 

If you needed to hear this, then it’s perfect, because I follow my guidance daily, and I was guided to write about this topic here, instead of what I have accomplished in the material world. How many books I have written, how many orphans I help or how much money I’ve made. Material wealth means nothing if you don’t have your health. My mission is to help as many people as I can to heal themselves or stay healthy. If you want my guidance or to be pointed to books to read on any of these few subjects I am glad to help you or point you in the right direction. 
You can get in contact with me through my website
I know you can reach your dreams and I hope you know that by now. Remember how powerful you are and that there are no limitations in your life except the ones you put on yourself. 

With light and love, Huni. ❤❤?

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