9 Biggest mistakes people make when manifest their dreams.


You are a very creative beings and the power you posses to create is unlimited. Everything you see today started with a thought, yet many of us are stuck in a place of wanting more and we just can’t get it right. No matter how many books you read, how many seminars you take, you seem to be the only one who cannot manifest your dreams.


1. Let’s not limit your dreams, dream big and then you break that big dream into small goals.

The FIRST mistake most people make is to set limiting goals. Let’s say your dream is to be able to travel the world all year long and help people all over the world, this would be a very good example of an open, non-limiting dream. Then we start to put that dream into smaller achievable goals, but be careful not to set limiting goals. Let’s say one of the goals is to purchase a house in one of your preferred places to travel to. Let’s use in this example a house on the beach in Bali for example. An example of an unlimited goal is;

In December 18th 2018 I have purchased at least one house in Bali. That house has had a positive cash flow from the day I bought it, and has allowed me to continue fulfilling my smaller goals towards my big dream.


2. Now you have to experience this dream so real that you get your three bodies to manifest this. You need your emotional body, physical body and mental body to synchronize to be able to manifest this dream. The SECOND mistake people make in manifesting their dreams into their reality is not writing it down. One of the most powerful ways of manifesting something, is writing it down, but not as bullet points, you write it down as it has already happened and you experience it, as you write it down, using all your senses. An example of writing down an experience, would be something like this:


December 12th 2018, yesterday was such an amazing day, I woke up as the sun just started to rise from the horizon and when I stepped outside into the sand I felt a little bit chilly and got shivers up my spine as I watched the sunrise. As the sun rose I felt how the sand in between my toes started to get warmer. As I smelled the fresh salty ocean breeze I got this amazing feeling all over my body and the ocean breeze played with my skin and sent shivers up my spine again but much more powerful this time, it was like a kundalini awakening and my body felt orgasmic as I just stood there and gazed around me in paradise. I looked at the house and I was bursting with gratitude, I thought, wow just one year ago I started to manifest this vision and now I am here. Someone please pinch me! I laughed out loud as this thought came to me. I stood there for about 15 minutes just listening to the ocean waves playing in the sand. I licked my lips and I could taste the salt from the ocean breeze, I tasted like freedom. I sat down in the warm sand and I closed my eyes thinking how grateful I am for mother earth and all her gifts and I sent my love down to to the center of mother earth, then I thought of our father in the sky and I send my love up to the cosmos as well. I stayed in a blissfully heart centered stage in the sand until I heard my morning crew arrive, ready to start our yoga and breakfast routines. This was one of my favorite days I have experienced so far. As you write it, you experience it and each time you read it again you experience it all over.



3. You have to be consistent in manifesting what you want. The THIRD mistake people make who are manifesting their dreams, is non-consistency. They think writing and experiencing the goal or dream can be done by doing it only once. This needs to be done at least once per day. Then several times out through the day, you can stop for 10-30 seconds and just think about experiencing some parts of the dream, raise your energy vibration with the gratitude you have for the events that have already occurred in your future, they are already real.


4. You can talk it into existence. Talking your dreams into existence is very powerful, but not as powerful and writing and experiencing it, but by adding this method of talking it into your reality the manifesting ritual as a whole becomes much more powerful. The FOURTH mistake people make when manifesting their dreams is not speaking about it. When you speak about your dreams with passion and energy, you create a momentum for the events to start aligning to the right path for you. When you speak about it, the right person might hear it and that could be the person who makes it happen for you indirectly or directly. Many of us are not ready to speak about our dreams and that’s OK, but you have to start speaking about them to the universe! Yes, that’s right, if you are not confidant enough yet to speak about them, then start by having a conversation with the cosmos, the sky, God or the universe. Talk with passion and energy when you speak about it, because if you don’t then you probably need another dream, if this dream does not make you passionate, it is not in alignment with what you truly want.


5. Sub-goals to the sub-goals. You have to do about 60-80% internal work to manifest your dreams and then 20-40% is taking action on those smaller unlimited goals to start rolling the ball down the hill. One without the other, makes it impossible to achieve our goals and dreams. The FIFTH mistake people make in the manifesting process is to do all the internal work and the rituals and then take no action. You must take action to be able to manifest your dream. Let’s look at the dream and chop the goals into even smaller segments. To be able to purchase the house in Bali, you might need more income streams. Let’s say that you are going to write a book as a sub/sub goal to your dream.


The 15th of June 2018 I have published at least one book and secured myself an income stream for life. Now notice that every-time you create a goal, it is in a non-limiting “at least” kind of way and it has a date to it as well. This book could be your first action item on the path to living your dream.


6. Taking action. The SIXTH mistake people make in achieving their dream is to stop when the first pump, their first hurdle, arrives. They stop the process when the first big challenge presents itself. How will I write a book, I have never done it? And the dream dies right here for many, but not for you, because you are simply going to find someone that has done it before and ask if they can guide you, or you are going to hire a coach to lead you and keep you accountable. Do not try to invent the wheel on each of your small very achievable unlimting goals!


7. Educate yourself. The SEVENTH mistake people make in the process of making dreams manifest, is to let the things they do not know now, stop them. That’s right, what you do not know now is most likely the thing preventing your growth, because if you knew it already, then you would most likely already have achieved your dream. Get yourself into a real estate course in Bali, to learn about the housing market and the creative ways to finance a house there. Get coaching on how to make sure that the house will have a positive cash flow from day one.



8. Action item task list. The EIGHTH mistake people make in the process is do not become overwhelmed. Create a task list for 5 action items listing the number 1 item the most important one and number 2 the second most important action item and so on. Do this list each morning and take out the items from the day before that you have completed and move those you did not complete to the new task list. These are small action items that will keep you moving forward. Example:


1. find a coach for writing the book 2. start writing the first chapter “Why I wrote this book” 3. find where to access information on the real estate market in Bali. 4. Find a contractor to set up a sales funnel. 5. Buy the url BaliDreamLife.com and a hosting account for it (godaddy).


This could be a very simple task list for the day, that keeps moving you forward.


9. Celebrate. The NINTH mistake people make is, they forget to celebrate the little wins on their journey. You must celebrate each little win you have. If you are going to grind it out and wait until your big dream has become reality to celebrate, it will take you forever to achieve and it will be a long, hard and boring ride. You bought your first website today, OH, YEAH! Celebration time! You finished your first chapter in the book you did not believe 2 weeks ago you would ever start. CELEBRATION TIME OH YEAH! You just found you coach/mentor, what time is it? Yes CELEBRATION TIME! Don’t go overboard with your celebration, but make sure you feel it as a reward.


Enjoy you journey to the big dream, enjoy each little win, celebrate, write it into reality, experience it, talk it into existence, learn from those who have done it already, get a coach or mentor and start giving back right away. The perfect time to start giving is when you think you are not ready yet.


Now go and make your dreams come true!

With Light and Love, Huni. ❤❤


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