❤❤ Becoming one with another – sex and spirituality ❤❤


Sexual expression is the inevitable result of an eternal process of attraction and rhythmic energy flow which fuels all of life. Even the master said that it is the most spiritual commitment you can make on your journey into the ascension realms of your experience as a spirit in this world.


We all send out energy signals, not so unlike the radio signals we all know about. Science has decided to call this energy filed the Collective Consciousness. You have already received messages from the collective consciousness, many times. This energy which we transmit all the time can actually be picked up by our modern technology and measured. Our signals or in other words wave lengths, change all the time, due to our thoughts, mood, feelings, words and actions.


When you think about someone, you send out energy about that person, to that person and if that person is sensitive enough, that person can feel that you are thinking about them. Have you ever known who is going to knock on the door before she or he does, or have you ever known who is calling you before looking at the phone? That is called reading the energy signals (the collective consciousness), which we all do all the time, unknowingly and knowingly.


We affect our surroundings by the energy we send out, as do others as well. We are constantly creating effects on the environment by simply being positive, negative, happy, unhappy or in love. But what happens when two different energy signals combine? What happens to our energy field when we mix it with another, while listening to our instincts?


We are going to use an example of two persons meeting for the first time in an empty room and they are standing in a corner across from one another. They are as far apart as they can be, in this room. The man sends out energy signals and the woman as well, we do all the time.


They both send out signals 360 degrees around themselves. Some of the man’s energy hits the woman’s energy and some of the woman’s energy hits the man’s energy. Now the interesting thing is that a new energy field is created where the energy fields meet half way, this energy field is a physical phenomena and is felt by both parties.


This new energy field which feeds from the energy from both partied, now sends it’s own energy back to them as a combined field, this is the third filed in the room.

This field is the truth about the man and about the woman. This Holy Communion draws them both to it. They are both drawn to the Body Between Them and they want to start to move closer to one another right away, but they do not know why at this point, it just feels right.


This is where many opportunities are lost for many people, because if they think back to their upraising and teachings, they might decide to slow down or to mistrust this feeling (your intuition). Sadly, this is what most of us are taught to do.


Thankfully the soul will never lie to you and if it feels good then it is the right thing to do. The soul wants to know this new energy field that was created, between the two of you. Now both the woman and man are starting to experience this new energy metaphysically but they both want to experience it physically. So they keep coming closer together, but they are not trying to get closer to each other, they are both trying to get closer to this new energy field that they have created unknowingly. They are both trying to reach a palace of Divine Union which now already exists between them. This is the place where they know that they are one and what is like to be One.


The closer they get, the stronger the new energy field gets and draws them even more intensively together. Now they are almost together and the Body Between them is glowing hot. The two are said to be “burning with desire”.

Now, they touch!


The sensation is almost unbearable. Now they embrace and get their bodies close together. They still want to get closer to this new field which keeps on driving them closer. Now they will try and melt together with this new energy field and try to experience it in physical form. The man’s body is literally ready to enter the woman’s body for further union of the energy fields and the woman’s body is literally ready to receive the man’s body within her.


This is beyond intense, this is an overwhelming sensation of pure physical pleasure as the physical bodies join. Now the three energy fields become One in the flesh.


Still the energy flows between them passionately. The move and heave, they can’t get enough so they strive to get closer, closer and closer. Until they literally explode, their physical bodies convulse. The vibration sends ripples to their fingertips. In the explosion of their oneness they have known the Source, the All and the Essence of life, the experience of which is.


Our purpose is to experience life and remember who we are and where we come from.




There is nothing wrong with experiencing intense sexual experience with someone, when it is exactly what you needed to advance to you spiritual purpose on earth.


Do you remember?


How is your journey so far?


Remember that all your experiences are true, and they are all right. They are there for your growth.

With light and love, Huni ❤❤


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