Coincidences or not?

Have you been wondering if coincidences of random events are happening around you or if they all mean something?


Everything is either all a coincidence or all not, it’s that simple. Have you ever heard someone say, that you need to take full responsibility for your life to be able to get over things, forgive yourself and be able to own your wins?


Let me put it as plainly as I can. If you decide the world is full of coincidences then you are giving yourself permission to live your life as a victim. If you belief that there are no coincidences and everything has meaning and is meant to be, then you can step outside of the cycle of being a victim into something you are meant to be, something greater than you thought was possible before.


Your brain is wired to notice things you have your attention on. If you are getting signs, for example, to leave a person or not get involved with someone, then very likely something inside you already knows the right move and you are fighting it, looking for answers from the universe, or something outside of yourself. You want it to be wrong, this feeling you have, and try to look for a sign that you are wrong or many signs that you are right. When you have the mentality of taking responsibility for everything, then you can forgive yourself. If the events in your life are based on coincidences then how can you ever forgive yourself or take responsibility, it’s not in your control, it’s not your fault?


This might be very hard to read if you believe you have no control over the events in your life, so if that’s you, then you might not want to read the rest.


If you are a victim of circumstances, then you will not be able to step into the greatness that awaits you. If you getting shot, run over by a bike, raped, sick, handicap or anything at all, however small or huge it is, seems to be out of your control and you do not take responsibility, then it will be impossible to get over it and use it to fuel yourself into greatness.


What if you had not decided to be born, or not decided to travel to this country, or walk this road, or if you had not dropped out of school, then those events would not have changed your life. We can take any fraction of a second in your life and say, what if you did not do this or that, then you would not have ended up here reading this blog and became a victim of coincidental circumstances way out of you control. For you to be able to forgive yourself, you must take responsibility of all the experiences you get to live in your reality.


Did I (Huni) know I had a brain tumor, no I did not, or did I know how I got it, no I did not. Did I know that I would have to be without my first born child before I had him, no I did not, did I know that by climbing a vacant building with my friends would lead to falling backwards 2 stories and breaking my skull open, no I did not. What is the only thing I could do to prevent being a victim of coincidental circumstances, take responsibility for my sickness, my situation and my actions, that is why I got through it and moved on. Did it happen over night, of course not, it takes time to get though things that are tough. The best way is to take responsibility of your own life and all the events in your life.


Look at some of the most successful people on earth, have they been through terrible things, yes, many of them, but they did not see it, as random acts of coincidences, but instead an experience they needed to become who they are today. You have done everything 100% perfect in your life to get exactly all the experiences you have gone through and you can own them and build on it or you can deny it and stay as the victim in your reality. If it’s all random, then you have no control and then why even try. That is what many people feel like. The good news are it’s never too late to turn it all around, and I really mean that, never too late, at 20 years old or 99.


Today is a great time to step into the world of everything being connected and you being part of something much greater than this vehicle you are driving around in, your body, it all starts with a simple decision. I want to take full responsibility for my life, where do I start? That’s all it takes to get you started, but this is a journey and it will not happen overnight, but it will take a shorten time than you might think right now.


If you are saying to yourself right now, yes I want to change this, yes I want to take responsibility and build on it and become this great being I was meant to be, then I suggest you start looking for methods and tools you need to do just that. Some methods will work better for you than me. One of my favorite methods is this simple method called Ho’oponopono.


Think about the situation which you want to take full responsibility for and repeat these sentences over and over again:


I am sorry,

Please forgive me,

I love you,

Thank you.


Like I said, this is only one of many methods. Look up different ways to start your journey today if you are ready.


There is a reason why you are reading this.  😉 

With light and love, Huni.


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