You are incredibly powerful and shape the world with your emotions and words!


Think about, the way you talk to others and how you talk to yourself.

First I want to tell you, if you don’t already know, that words have a strong and lasting effects on your environment, yourself and others, even on the food you eat. But, how much impact can words really have?


When you carefully select your words and say something nice to others or yourself, then you can raise the energy vibration of that person. You influenced an increase in their energy levels and your own at the same time. Now focus all your attention on this story I am about to tell you, and try to experience this story as your own. Put yourself in the shoes of the person in the story.


You are a child and you just said something that was highly inappropriate but you just don’t understand that your words have this great power. You think you can just say anything, without it having any long-term effects, but thankfully your parents hear you speak. They start to explain to you, that you are changing the environment in a bad way when you talk like that. You are very surprised and you don’t really understand what they are trying to tell you at this time. Those are just words, what harm can they really have? You parents see that you don’t understand, so they set a task for you, you are supposed to hammer a nail into the old tree in your backyard, every time you say something bad and they will help you to know when you are impacting your environment or others in a bad way, from now on.


Now you are learning, but this is not going so well, you have nailed a new nail into the tree every day, for 30 days in a row. Now as a child, you start to think about the work load. You do not feel like having to hammer a nail into the tree everyday, so you start to become more selective of the words you use. You are tired of having to hammer a nail in to that tree, all the time. It’s not that you understand yet how much impact your words are having, you are only thinking about ways to stop having to hammer that damn nail each day.


You start to say beautiful things and praise others. Your parents notice this positive shift in you and tell you that from now on, each day, you use beautiful words and have a positive impact on your environment and others, you can pull one nail from the tree, each day. You are on a roll now. It’s been another 30 days and the final nail is coming out, today. The nails are all gone. You did it and now you are standing in the backyard looking at the wounds in the old tree. What can I do to mend this, how can I fix the holes?


You cannot fix the holes, any more than you can take back the words you have spoken, that had a negative impact on your environment or people. You words leave sores for years, but it will eventually heal, but it takes a long time.


Have you ever spoken and had this metaphor in mind before you select your words?

Do you realize that by putting someone down or talking in a negative way towards others, that the damage can be long-lasting? Don’t worry this story was just meant to wake you up a bit. The good news are, that you can prevent any long lasting negative effects from now on by thinking twice before you say something negative again towards others or for that matter, towards yourself.


Words are powerful.


Have you ever ordered food in a restaurant that was exactly the same as you have tried to make yourself but the food tasted twice as good, or vice versa, have you cooked something yourself that you have been served at a restaurant before but your food was so much better?


How is it possible that food can taste better when one person makes it, than when another person prepares the same food with the same ingredients and the same recipe?


Do you know the reason?


It is because you put your energy into the food as well, with each ingredient you handle. If you have negative energy that day the food will not taste as good and it will not be as healthy as well. If you have positive energy then you will feel the difference and everyone that gets to enjoy your meal benefits from you positive energy vibration.


Have you seen the movie called, Like Water for Chocolate or maybe you know it as it’s original name Como agua para chocolate? In the movie the main character bakes the wedding cake with a broken heart and by accident one of her tears falls into the mix and when the wedding guests eat the cake they all end up crying because that is what she put into the cake, the tear is symbolic for the feeling that she was feeling, the energy she was vibrating from when she was baking the cake, although this movie is fiction, there is a lot of truth behind this idea.


You have much greater impact on your food than you might have realized, with the energy vibration you are sending out, as you prepare the food and handle all the ingredients you use.


You do not have to take anything as the absolute truth when you hear it for the first time, but now you have the knowledge and experience to not dismiss anything, some things you know are true, even when you hear it for the first time and other things you simply have to find out if they work or not.


Around the year 1994, a man by the name of Masaru Emoto, became obsessed with the idea that we do manipulate our food with our energy and influence everything in our environment as well. He began experimenting whether it could be possible to prove that our energy has this much effect on everything. They managed to prove this effect we have with our energy on water. They would freeze the water and then make very thin slices and placed them under a microscope and capture images of the frozen water crystals. I suggest that you google the water crystal experiments and take a look at the beautiful images of these water crystals.


The results from his studies are amazing, when a person said something beautiful to the water, as I love you, the water crystals became extremely beautiful and amazing, but when they used hatred or such phrases as “I will kill you” the crystals became terribly ugly and messy. Masaru Emoto did all kinds of experiments with water, he had the water blessed, and they tried playing different kinds of music before freezing water and the results directly reflected the music in the water crystals.


Make sure you go and check the photos online and see the results for yourself. What these studies demonstrate is that the energy vibration has a direct influence on the structure of water, and we can see it directly in the water crystals, no matter what we put in there, words, music, actions or thoughts.


A human being is about 60% water, and if you think, that you have not been affecting and shaping the people in your reality then you are mistaken, you certainly do, you change the structure of water every time you say something, do something or think something.


You are incredibly powerful, you are constantly shaping this world.


Have you been carefully selecting your words and action with the intention to create a better more beautiful world? Remember to think beautiful thoughts towards the food you cook and eat, in the future, whether you believe this or not, don’t take any chances, what if this is true? No way, I don’t think that you would doubt this truth, you probably feel it in your gut already, what does your intuition tell you, maybe you knew this all along, if you don’t get a bad feeling in your gut then this is not something that comes as a surprise to you, you knew this already, however you might not have heard this put into these words before, still somehow you knew it already.


You are an incredibly amazing human being and you know that already.

You can browse the internet for all kinds of research people have been doing at home, ordinary people speaking to a bowl of rice for example, people who decided to try this out and not just believe it blindly how our energy affects water or our food.


If for any reason you are skeptic at this point, then you just have to try this out yourself, sometimes you just simply need to put your finger in the flame to feel the heat, despite the millions people that have told you that fire will burn you, some people just have to experience everything that they are told and if that applies to you, then do it tonight, experiment with food and you energy, yourself.


Do it with two identical jars, put the same amount of water and rice in each jar and close it. Then each day, say something negative to one jar and something like I love you to the other jar and see what happens and of course we at Focus Gym Walk the Talk and Focus Gym Be you, have done this experiment as well.


It can be a lot of fun, include your children if you have children in the experiment.


Here is the rice experiment I did with my daughter Evey, enjoy and remember how powerful you are!




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