How can I impact the world? I need someone who has done it before, to show me how!


I joined the JT Foxx Family in 2015 with a dream of becoming successful and having an impact on the world. In November 2018 I flew to Kenya to plot out the new land I bought for the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence. What I had dreamed about for years, I was now experiencing. How can I start a new educational system and impact the world by show and tell (proof of concept)? It’s already true! Would you like to experience that shift in your reality, in only three years? Of course you would, here is how the JT Foxx Organization impacted my journey.


JT Foxx, Huni Hunfjord, Nido Qubein, John Travolta, Vanilla Ice and 50 Cent

I bought my first personal coaching package at the JT Foxx Organization in February 2016. The first session changed my whole life! After telling my coach about how I want to impact the world, he asked what I want to create, to start stepping towards that dream. I told him I wanted to create a residual cash-flow online seminar. His response was “That’s great, but first write a book about it”.


Your true friends believe in your dreams, but your coaches make you live up to your dreams. They will push you in the right way to bring things out, that you did not know you had. I accepted the challenge, having no plans to write a book, EVER! I finished the 65K word book in one month, without knowing how to, I just did it. Published my first book in October 2016, and now two years later on the 4th of December 2018, I am publishing my 5th book called “You are Freaking Awesome: Waking up to the Secrets You already Know”. This would not be happening if I had not met JT Foxx in Iceland in October 2015.


I started to support the Jabez Orphanage in 2016 a few months after I met JT Foxx and that is no coincidence. Once you set certain energy into motion, things start to happen for you. People and opportunities start to appear in your reality supporting what you have just set into motion. Exactly three years after joining the JT Foxx family I am experiencing the first steps to my life purpose being fully aligned and manifested into my reality. That does not mean it’s done, no it means that I can very soon start working full time on my mission. I am impacting the world with a school system that teaches children to stay unlimited. Focusing on confidence, meditation, mindfulness, happiness, yoga, marketing, branding, investing, company culture, third eye opening, financial literacy and the basics as well, like English and math for example. Fundamentally focusing on changing the system from limiting, to a system that keeps children unlimited. Simply, stepping aside and letting the 5 years old genius stay a genius as an adult (I am referring to the NASA genius test, Tedx talk on December 2011, called The Failure Of Success presented by George Land).


I can speak with confidence about limitations being created by the current school systems, as I have finished my Masters Degree in business after studying abroad. I have even taught business at a University for four years myself. It was not until I started to learn from people who have done what I wanted to accomplish that I started to see how the world really works. There is so much difference in learning from people who have done things and learning from people who teach the theory behind things. Learning and being able to consult your coach about what you are doing is something you do not learn in school, I am changing that. Now that I have my targeted budget set to go and I know how much I must set aside or get donated towards to cause, to be able to go back to Kenya for 3 months to build a house, and two classrooms, I can set my focus on manifesting that into my reality in 2019.


During my stay in Kenya in November 2018, I met contractors, landlords, teachers and caretakers. I learned how much I need to drill for water and what permits are needed, how to build a methane gas production tank for the human waste so we can use the methane to cook with for the children. How to clean the water we use in the sinks and shower, to be able to reuse it, to water the crops. How much each brick cost to manufacture and how long each process will take. Read more about Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence here


I think the most important part of my journey with the JT Foxx Organization is learning to network with like minded people, how to brand myself and how to organize my time to become more productive in all aspects of my journey. JT Foxx is not only JT, he is also all his coaches and staff as well. Even though he is successful and wise beyond years, he is a family unit! When you join the JT Foxx Family, you get the whole family and access to incredible coaches and staff who make up this fantastic company. I have been to many events, I have gotten personal coaching and also been part of the Dream Team events, each one has incredible value, in it’s own way, not making any one less than the other, but more like the support one another, just like a family. All the profits from my new book will go directly into the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence development.


Why am I starting the school in Africa? Because my own country is so proud of the current school system, they do not see the current flaws. Because schools are a tool to control the masses around the world. Tool to create workers for the big factories out there. Thankfully we do see some schools changing in the world, but many countries think that with unlimited all powerful manifesting individuals, that they will loose control of the masses and this is a big reason why we are not implementing these changes everywhere in the world. With building a school like the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence and graduating average jedi’s, we can provide proof of concept to be presented to the rest of the world.

Huni and Godwin with the children of Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Huni teaching the children to open their third eye at the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Huni teaching the children to play cards at the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Huni teaching the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence, reading the book You Are Freaking Awesome
Huni setting an assignment to write a book the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Huni Speaking at Church at the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Children Greeting Huni at Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence


If this story touches you, I encourage you to join the JT Foxx Family. If my mission encourage you, I welcome you to get in touch with me personally and see how we can contribute together so you can be a part of this world changing project.


With light, love and gratitude, Huni Hunfjord ❤❤

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  1. I wish to learn more about your mission. I will read all that I can find on the internet about you & look forward to any new communications you post. Thank you for all you are doing. You are an inspiration.

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