Huni Hunfjord, Launches His Highly Acclaimed Mindfulness Life Purpose Walking Program Focus Gym Walk the Talk. Now Finally Converted Into In His New Book, You Are Freaking Awesome: Waking Up To The Secrets You Already Know.


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Author – “After studying most of my life I experienced how little you learn about life and the abilities that you are all born with in the traditional school systems around the world. I graduated from Campbellsville University, KY with a Bachelor’s degree in Business in 2002, then started to teach Business at the University of Akureyri in Iceland in 2003. In 2012 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Business from the University of Akureyri and moved into the Film industry working for a global TV brand LazyTown for three years and graduated from post production film school, Escape Studios in London, 2011. It was not until I started to learn from my mentors and coaches in late 2012 that I really saw how limiting the school system is. I currently read more than 30 books per year now gathering knowledge from all over the globe that I implement into my own life and teach how you can do the same. On my morning run early in January 2017 I started to think, as I looked over the gym floor, how it makes no sense to me, that 20-30 percent of people have a gym membership, yet only about two percent use their membership on a regular basis. I was already teaching and writing books at that time, about how amazing you are and how easy it is to open up the gifts you have inside of you. I wondered if we could combine both learning how to remember how truly awesome you are and get some cardio while doing so, but I had to think outside the box, because most people don’t make the effort to show up at the gym. That is when I started to create the audio lectures program that you listen to while taking a walk outside, breathing in fresh oxygen and feeling the power of mindfulness, helping my clients remember who they really are and what incredible power awaits inside of you to be unleashed. This book is adapted from the audio lectures into this amazing book which will enable you to tap into the lost ancient knowledge you have in your DNA. All you must do is to trust me a little bit, empty your glass, and read with an open mind. After reading and implementing some of the very easy-to-follow exercises, you will be, act, and walk vibrating at a frequency I like to call freaking awesome.❤❤?”


Focus Gym ❤❤ Walk the Talk (also known as Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you!) has been very successful for two years now and here are some of the things the beautiful souls say about the program:


Immediately after my first walk, I knew I wanted to know more about this amazing program that had such a big impact on my life in just a few minutes! I took a leap of faith and started the journey with the Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! family. It has certainly been a great journey for me. Everyone in my environment has noticed the changes in my life and I feel people wondering what has happened to make this change possible. What few people know is that my change happened because I decided to open my heart and mind to everything Focus Gym ❤ ❤ Be you! offers. I learned that I’m great just the way I am. I control my own reality. It is my decision! Earlier, I had often heard people say that they woke up in the morning and they would decided to be happy. I used to think that this was total nonsense. I mean, how in the world could people allow themselves to say such nonsense. Now a few weeks later I am that person, I have never been happier and I so grateful. I look forward to taking the next level with the Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! family. You came into my life at the right time, and for that I will always be grateful. – Linda Rós


The best decision of my life in very a long time, to join Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! After the course, I have not only increased my cardio, but I have learned to love myself and my family, unconditionally. I have gained power and faith in myself and I look forward to take on new challenges and I believe in myself and I am really putting myself in first place – Thanks for the wonderful course! ❤❤ – Hrefna Tómasar


When I heard of Focus Gym ❤❤ Be You! I was not in a good place in life, all lights had been extinguished and I was trapped in a deep hole. But somehow Focus Gym grabbed my attention and I went for it. I do not regret that decision, the walks, meditation, exercises and everything that I listened to really got me and I managed to crawl up out of the hole and I saw the light again. I swear that Focus Gym saved my life, I went into such great self-examination and I practiced and I am still practicing to see both myself and life in new light ❤❤ – Unnur Helga Snorradóttir


To go for a walk while listening to Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! was for me like spiritual nourishment and uplifting. I felt excited about going back outside to listen and walk, after the 2nd or 3rd walk. Lot of lectures surprised me and they more often than not, struck a nerve and provoked me to wonder about a lot of things in life. I experiences a calmness that came over my soul and I felt more joy by simply existing. – Dagmar Ýr Ólafsdóttir


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Andrew Patterson also known as the Renaissance Guy on Facebook, is an amazing human being making a lot of difference for South Africa with 365 Ubuntu Climbs, funding homes, teaching underprivileged children to read and building a database for leukemia. He had this to say about the program:


Beyond Publishing CEO, Michael D. Butler says, “We are very excited about You Are Freaking Awesome and are getting great feedback from book distributors globally who want to carry it in their countries. As a way of introducing Huni’s book to the market we are offering the E-Book, a no-brainer pre-sale on Amazon for just $0.99 cents. The official Ebook launch date is the 4th of December 2018 and hard copy launch is on the 15th of December 2018.


As we have now moved into the new cycle of feminine energy on earth, the human race is taking gigantic leaps forward in our consciousness and people are waking up all over the world. This book is packed with knowledge and exercises to get anyone started on their own journey manifesting their desires and allowing you to put yourself number one. As we are all connected so by you taking your journey to the next level, you are really showing your love for humanity. Each little drop in the pot that lives in a state of awareness and love, raises the temperature of awareness in the pot until the whole pot reaches a boiling point and that is when we all become ready for the shift. No one is left behind, your job is to take care of yourself first and love yourself and that is how you help all of us in the best possible way.


I’m happy to announce that my 5th book launched on December 4th, 2018. and the printed hard copy on the 15th of December 2018.
All the profits go into building a school for the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence in Kenya (


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