How would you like to be able to workout 2-3 hours each week and stay in great shape?
No special diet, just simple effective workout routine, short and sweet!


Before I tell you how, let me tell you what the 4 biggest mistakes people make are, when they start to transform their lifestyle or health! The four factors that contribute to most failures in the gym or outside the gym are:


  • Why
  • Accountability
  • Celebrating
  • Music


Let me explain why:



Music has a massive vibrational impact on your body, as well do the words you use, so just a side note here, no negative self-talk from now on. Each song you listen to will restructure your body on a cellular level based on what you listen to. Just try it out and listen to some of your favorite songs after reading this with a pen and paper handy to write down all the emotions each song has on you, while you listen. Some songs create an urge to move you body, while other songs calms you down other songs will make you sad and some will make you smile and become cheerful. This is easy to test out yourself, just select a few songs that make you wanna move and workout while listening to them and then try the same workout without music. You notice a massive difference in your energy levels. When I recorded my workout in the video below, of me running, doing exercises and stretching, I could not listen to my music because I used my phone to record it, it was the hardest workout in a long time for me. Music makes such a great difference for you when you work out. Remember that when you start working out, make sure you are listening to music that fuels your body with energy.



Celebrating every win you have, small or big, is one of the key factors of your success. Throwing your hand up into the air and celebrating that you made it to the gym today is a perfect example of what you do not see very often. You have to be unafraid to step outside your comfort zone and celebrate each little win you get on your journey, who cares if someone sees you. Even a small win or just the fact that you showed up that day is a victory, you did it and because of it, you are changed. Conscious celebration will boost your confidence level and shift your perspective of the challenge, you become more able and the challenge becomes less of a challenge. Once you break your own record or reach you minimum goal, it naturally brings on a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, but celebrating it consciously brings those feelings to a whole new level. Throwing your hands consciously into the air like you just won a marathon, does wonders for you body and your emotions. By consciously celebrating you naturally get more energized, you become more happy, more optimistic and more motivated to name a few perks you get from consciously celebrating each of your wins, no matter the size. You did it, so celebrate it!



When you start on a journey you may often find yourself very excited and your spirit is vibration on a high frequency and you just can’t wait to start. At some point, we all hit a wall. It’s when your brain starts to convince you that this is enough, or that today is not a good day to workout, or even worse when you start to have the conversation in your mind that you deserve to relax now and take some time off. This point in time, it is very important to have an accountability partner to prevent yourself from listening to reasoning to quit. With an accountability partner that will be much less unlikely to happen, that is to say, you will most probably have this conversation at some point in your head, but you will not quit. The accountability partner might not matter most of the time, but when we hit that wall, that makes us wanna quit, the accountability partner is the difference between quitting and succeeding. This accountability partner could be a friend, a family member, spouse or a coach.



Why do you want to do this? Why do you want to get in better shape? You have probably read the reasoning behind the why question many times before, so I will not bore you with rambling on about how important it is to have a strong reason why you wanna do anything in life, so I will just say it like this:
If you have no reason to change your health, then don’t!


This is my transformation in the last two years using the RUN FOR IT program:



What do you need for the RUN FOR IT program?


  • Good knees, meaning that you can walk, jog and eventually run.
  • Crave to transform your health.
  • A strong why, why do you want this change.
  • A powerful, motivational music play-list to listen to while working out.
  • Running shoes.
  • Access to a treadmill.
  • Accountability partner.
  • Be willing to celebrate each victory on the way.


I have developed the RUN FOR IT program for the last two years now. I used to hate running myself and I was always terrible at it. I felt it was boring and I was simply just not interested in running. Then you might be asking yourself, then why did I start to create this workout? Because I have repeatedly read articles about maximum performance when you train the right way, versus the hard way. Often it takes less effort to create more stamina, more muscle mass and more endurance than we ever thought possible. I found out by simply trying it out myself and saw that after being a high level athlete for over 20 years, I now train much less than before, never over-trained myself and with much less effort, in the past 2 years and I am now in better shape than I have ever been. I am over 40 years old now, in better shape than when I was 20.


I am giving this program to you, free as a gift, if you want to do it by yourself, but truly want you to succeed so I am offering you to have me as your personal coach and accountability partner, to guarantee your success in transforming your health. Remember that you must get an accountability partner, even if you decide not to let me coach you. In this program we use a treadmill to run on and let me explain why we use a treadmill. It’s because you can set the treadmill to a certain speed and the treadmill will help you over the mental hurdle that you could not do on your own, it will push you through what you thought you could not do. In the first 6 months you need to dedicate 4 days per week to your training or 5 days, it’s your choice. After 6 months you can go down to 3 days per week and stay in great shape as long as you want and then you can run outside every time if that is your thing. Each session will be no longer that one hour, you cannot stay more than 59 minutes in the gym or running outside, if you want to do that. If you choose to run outside, then you must only do so, max two times per week, because you need two days on the treadmill, that is where you progress in made. OK, let’s get started then.


Day one.


Go on the treadmill and walk/jog/run 5K (3.1miles), do this as comfortably as possible, do not over strain yourself, that is very important. We want to know on day one, what kind of cardiovascular shape you are in, and from there we will go forward. Once you are done with the 5K, then place your index and middle finger on your neck and count your pulse (heartbeat) for 15 seconds, then multiply that number by 4 to get your heart rate per minute. This you will do everyday after you run. We wanna make sure that your vascular system is developing at the right pace as well. Take the total time it took you to finish the 5K and divide it by 5, to get average speed km/h (convert to miles if that’s your system). Let’s use my first time, when I started this program as an example. In January 2016, I ran 5K in 30 minutes and 33 seconds. That makes it a 9.82 km/h average pace during my first run.


Day two.


Start at you average pace from day one.
Lets use my time as an example, 9.8 km/h (convert your speed into miles if that is your system). On day two I set the treadmill to 9.8 km/h and started to jog, then when I hit 1 kilometer I pressed the plus sign on the treadmill and set it to 9.9 km/h, after 2K I set it to 10.0 km/h, after 3K I set it to 10.1 km/h and after 4K I set it to 10.2 km/h. I did it and celebrated and took my heart rate.


Day three.


Now you start the treadmill at the second level from the day before, that is to say, if you finished without slowing the treadmill down to walk or jog. If you completed the whole incremental levels of speed and finished the 5K the day before, then today start on 9.9 km/h and increase the speed by 0.1 km/h each kilometer you finish until you finish this 5K run/jog at 10.3 km/h.


This is how the program is gradually progressed to push you on without breaking you down. Slowly but surly building you up from where you stand the first day. When the day comes that you do not finish you 5K run without slowing the treadmill down, that is the day, you may celebrate hitting your first wall, well done. Don’t worry when this day arrives, which it will eventually, just redo this day again next time and again until you manage to run through the incremental changes of speed and finish the 5K.


Each day you will stretch for 1-3 minutes before you run. Then you stretch and do some exercises once you finish your running/jogging.


Here is an example of how I improved my times when I started the program and you will experience something similar based on where your starting point is.


  • Jan 4th 2016 – Week 01 – 5K run – 30min and 33 seconds
  • Jan 11th 2016 – Week 02 – 5K run – 28 minutes and 31 seconds
  • Jan 18th 2016 – Week 03 – 5K run – 27 minutes and 50 seconds


Then I gradually improved but sometimes I had to repeat the previous day as I did not run and finish the run, without slowing down. When that happens don’t worry just try again until you make it, that is why the program works so incredibly well, there is no pressure. Not a problem to slow down when you need to, that only means you try the same speed the next day. It means you are at a wall and you will get over it, this is a time where the accountability partner makes a difference. We are not defined by the challenges we face, but how we tackle them, how we push through the walls. You can do it!


  • Sep 21st 2016 – Week 36 – 5K run – 21 minutes and 49 seconds



I also do the Wim Hof method every day. Which means I start my day with conscious breathing and after each time running in the gym I stay 30 seconds up to 5 minutes in the cold water.



Take a look at this video I took in December 2017, of a typical day in the gym, less than 30 minutes, running and working out. Less than an hour in and out of the gym. Today I max 3 days per week and stay healthy, never more that 45 minute workouts.



Feel free to look at how little time I actually spend today to stay in shape on my Endomondo (free app) profile and become my friend there if you like. I comment on all my runs with my starting pace and my heart rate. You can do the same or write it down on a piece of paper or however you keep track of your stats the best.


Less is more, sometimes. I want to personally coach you through your first 6 months, and guarantee your success, if you want that as well then please send me a direct message to


What do you get when I coach you:


  • Accountability.
  • More exercises.
  • Pep-talk.
  • 6 months email access.
  • Dietary help, if needed.
  • Reading assignment to strengthen your mindset.
  • Morning routine
  • Breathing exercises
  • Guarantee that you will succeed, if you follow my coaching program or get your money back.


If you are the 1% of the top 1% that can do this program by yourself, without help, then here it is. My gift to you. You now, have all the information needed to succeed. I want you to succeed and I want to coach you to make sure you succeed.


Hope to hear from you soon and have a blessed day. ❤❤


With light and love, Huni. ❤❤

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