You may have heard the concept of a soul group, but do you know what exactly that means?
Your soul group is a group of souls that incarnate on earth to learn the next lesson needed for each of the soul in the group for their spiritual growth. Depending on the size of the soul group, is how frequently you can reincarnate here. If the group is large then the first souls that finish their lives here has to wait until all the group is on the other side before reviewing what lessons were learned in this lifetime and what lessons are needed next or if some of the souls need to repeat the lesson that was supposed to be learned. There are a few exceptions to his rule, like with everything of course.


Some people have the ability to go into trance or to channel in this lifetime and they have the ability to access the soul groups pre-birth planning sessions. The reason this is available to us is for further spiritual growth.

Your soul group does not necessarily incarnate in the same continent, but yet you will meet in this lifetime if it is part of the soul group life lesson planning. It is very common to find that people have been playing different roles with the souls that are close to them in this lifetime, in another lifetime. For example if you are close to your parents and siblings, this can be altered throughout lifetimes. One lifetime you might have been the mom, another the father and yet another the son and so forth, all depending on what you need to learn for you soul’s journey and growth.

Your soul group support one another with pure love and when we make these contracts with another soul, it could be something like that you want the soul to cause you an accident in this lifetime so that you can step into the light and shine your light here on earth for all the other members of your soul group to learn from. When contracts like that are made, they are made with love and once the experience is over with, you will rejoin your soul group to go over the lives lived and see if all the souls learned what they set their intention to learn and what the next steps are.

We also have another important factor in the pre-birth planning, and that is karma. Many people think that karma is punishment, while it is not, it is simply cause and effect, just like if you threw up an apple into the air. That is the cause and the effect is the gravity pulling the apple back to the ground. Karma is balancing out the energy flow of life. You may harm someone in one life and then be the victim in another life to experience both sides, balancing it out. One woman who was born blind, found out in a trans session that she decided this and wanted it for her karma, because she caused blindness to others in another life. We have many examples of this today. Many who are documented and you can read about.

Let’s take an example of karma for the soul group. If you would want to learn how to receive love in this physical form, you might make a contract for a soul to take care of you through sickness or even a soul to cause you to become dependent on others. Another soul in your group might accept the role of the care giver, one soul the inflicter and you as the dependent. This could also mean a lot more souls participating in this lesson, but sometimes it’s with fewer souls. The soul group will lay out a checkers board like strategic map of each souls path and how they inter-cross one another during the incarnation and this is much more complex than it sounds. And then yet another factor to this planning is the fact that all souls have free will.

With free will it means that your journey is not written in stone. Your plan looks like a highway with many exits, you can take any exit at any time during your life and that will effect the outcome, it will effect your lessons learned. Remember that nothing is right nor wrong, it’s all an experience. Some exits are there so you can step out of the body and try again, learn what you need on the spirit side and get prepared again. Some exits are to alter your journey to learn another lesson and some exits are to cross paths with others from your soul group.

Suicides are more common for spirits who have not had many reincarnations. Their soul is so unadapted to the duality of life that it is often their choice to end this life sooner than planned, not remembering that they are pure spirit of love. Although some take their lives, it is another form of a lesson to be learned. If a soul ends their incarnation early, before they are supposed to go, we often see walk-ins. A walk-in spirit is where a person attempts suicide or has an accident and the soul is ready to go but the body can do great spiritual work on this earth. Then another more mature soul often steps into that body. When this happens the new soul will get all the DNA- and body memories and feel as if it has lived that life, not remembering anything else. We all are born without memory of who we truly are and it has great purpose to do it that way. When this happens often the people around that person will notice a personality change after the accident and that person will take another path in life from there on. We have several writings about walk-in spirits. I can name one here as an example of a walk-in spirit, his name is Drunvalo Melchizedek. His path changes significantly after the walk-in occurred. He has written books where he channels information from decedent masters after the walk-in and he has been given the knowledge that he is a walk-in. You can look him up online if you are interested to see what was so important that the walk-in was accepted and approved.

Your soul group are the spirits that work together to learn from the duality of life and once they have achieved their spiritual journey of growth, they can ascend to the next level of their journey. The next level of this game, we call life.

The next time you think about someone or something that has happened to you, keep it in mind that this might have been and most like has been contracted before your birth with love, for your own spiritual growth. Just by altering your perception of the incident or person in this way, may be just what you need to see the lesson you had to learn and look at this incidence or person with love and gratitude.

The highest form of healing is in forgiving with love. Forgiving others and yourself. When you forgive someone in your life, you do not need to confront that person, the forgiveness is for your healing.

This brings to mind the story about the twins from holocaust. Eva Mozes Kor was one of the twins who the Germans experimented on, yet she has found the power to forgive doctor Josef Mengele (also known as the “Angle of Death”) for all that was done to them during these horrendous times. She is a great example of a soul who chose to experience the worst of the worst and learn to forgive and teach others by her example here on earth. Remember that the other souls doing the bad things also knew before hand, as they accepted this challenge, that they would do such things. All life lessons are decided with love on the spirit side with your soul group and sometimes with many other soul groups, when the events effect many other souls as well, like in the war. Here you can see Eva’s powerful story and how strong her spirit is.
Forgiving is healing.


Remember this life of duality is designed for you to grow. No matter how things seem as you go through them, it is all done for you, with the highest intent in mind and pure love.

With light, love and gratitude, I love you Húni Húnfjörð ❤❤?

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