Your words are POWERFUL

You are incredibly powerful and shape the world with your emotions and words!   Think about, the way you talk to others and how you talk to yourself. First I want to tell you, if you don’t already know, that words have a strong and lasting effects on your environment, yourself and others, even on […]

Coincidences or Meaning

Coincidences or not? Have you been wondering if coincidences of random events are happening around you or if they all mean something?   Everything is either all a coincidence or all not, it’s that simple. Have you ever heard someone say, that you need to take full responsibility for your life to be able to […]

Unworthy to Knowing You Will

When did you grow up and stopped believing you will?   4 steps, go from being unworthy to knowing you will.   You might have heard the phrase “you have to believe in yourself” being tossed around these days. This phrase is absolutely true, but what about all the people who do not believe they […]

12 Ways to Improve Your Health Today

Treat the symptoms or the cause?   Your health is very important and of course you know that, especially when you get sick. When you are healthy you have a thousand wishes, but when you are sick you only have one, to become healthy again. When you become sick, when you get the flu for […]


  More that 9 out of 10 people die without fulfilling their purpose or even finding it.   You might be in the 99 percentile club of the population, who look from outside in rather than from inside out. You have been told that your purpose in life is to fulfill a series of checked […]