RUN FOR IT – Avoid these 4 mistakes

RUN FOR IT   How would you like to be able to workout 2-3 hours each week and stay in great shape? No special diet, just simple effective workout routine, short and sweet!   Before I tell you how, let me tell you what the 4 biggest mistakes people make are, when they start to […]

Why have you failed with your sex partners in the past?

❤❤ Becoming one with another – sex and spirituality ❤❤   Sexual expression is the inevitable result of an eternal process of attraction and rhythmic energy flow which fuels all of life. Even the master said that it is the most spiritual commitment you can make on your journey into the ascension realms of your experience […]

9 Biggest mistakes when manifesting your dreams

9 Biggest mistakes people make when manifest their dreams.   You are a very creative beings and the power you posses to create is unlimited. Everything you see today started with a thought, yet many of us are stuck in a place of wanting more and we just can’t get it right. No matter how […]

Interview Huni Hunfjord

Interview with Huni Hunfjord, Mindfulness and Health Coach At Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! and Focus Gym Walk the Talk By Noelle Cheri – November 12, 2017 1- Hello Huni, can you please tell us a bit about yourself? Hi, sure, first off let me thank for the opportunity to be here. I am born and raised […]

12 Shortcuts to Activate Your Third Eye (LIGHT ACTIVATION)

LIGHT ACTIVATION / THIRD EYE Developing the third eye is the doorway to experiencing more, connecting to your higher self and to the source. We often think about ourselves and our spirit as separated, but with the light activation the separation is dissolved. Awakening within the dream, traveling between realities and going beyond the limitations […]