12 Ways to Improve Your Health Today

Treat the symptoms or the cause?


Your health is very important and of course you know that, especially when you get sick. When you are healthy you have a thousand wishes, but when you are sick you only have one, to become healthy again. When you become sick, when you get the flu for example, you seek advice from a doctor and he will prescribe medicine to treat your symptoms. Do you ever think what is really causing you to become sick in the first place? What is the root cause?


Read to the end of this article as we will go over a few known facts about how to stay healthy, that the big companies will never put any money into advertising, yes that is the reality we live in, if it doesn’t make the companies recurring payments, then why bother. ?


6 things to look at that create a perfect environment for deceases are:


1. Lack of oxygen
2. Week immune system
3. Weak physical condition
4. Bad diet
5. Inflammation
6. Negativity, keep reading….


Our society today is run by money making organizations, especially the in the health industry. If you stop for a second and imagine that you are the owner of a large pharmaceutical company and your scientist come to you and say:


We have come up with a cure for this particular decease and it will cost us $1 dollar to make it and we could sell it for $20 dollars retail and we have also come up with this medicine which will treat all the symptoms, it will cost us $2 to make and we can sell it for $40 retail, the beauty of this medicine is that it will keep the symptoms down for a lifetime as long as the patient keeps getting his prescription each month.

You are running a company with 100 employees and if you decide to start curing people, you get one payment of $20 dollars, while on the other hand if you produce the medicine that keeps the symptoms down, you can resell the same patient a $40 subscription package for life, what are you going to do?


From a business perspective you would produce the recurring payment plan instead of the cure. You might be saying to yourself right now, no I would cure people and that is a beautiful thought, but that is not the reality we live in. We have the cure to all deceases known to man, but yet most people don’t know about these cures or prevention’s.



Let’s look at 6 things that cause you to have the perfect body for attracting deceases in the first place.


1. If your body is acidic, meaning that your PH levels are lower than the average of 7.4, then you have created a perfect environment for all kinds of deceases in your body. Then you have created the perfect greenhouse for deceases to thrive in your body. Keep your body alkaline!


2. If your immune system is week you have a hard time to kill bacteria and viruses that you come in contact with daily. This is why some people do not get sick while 80% of the people at work get sick. Their immune system is strong enough to kill of the infection, virus or bacteria, which they will be exposed to as well.


3. If you body has no energy, from the lack of physical activity, then you will be much more likely to have a hard time with the flu or any other illnesses as well. The better physical shape you are in, the less likely you are to get sick.


4. What you eat is what you are. “the herbs are for the healing of the nations.” – Revelation 22:2
Are you eating foods that add oxygen to your blood? Are you eating herbs that help oxygenate your body?


5. Inflammation is considered the cause to most of all deceases known to man, by two men that have been able to cure all deceases. Those two men are Dr. Sebi (Alfredo Bowman) and Hippocrates. They both treated all illnesses by attacking the root of the problem, inflammation! “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
Dr. Sebi was sued by the NYC Supreme Court for claiming “We cure everything” including AIDS, and he won the case, thus proving that he did cure at least 13 patients with AIDS and several other patients with cancer as well. Because of the society we live in we cannot say that he cured anyone, yet he did. The FDA has not accepted this to be true and maybe very understandable, because they do not get paid to confirm cures, only what treats symptoms, that’s were the money is.


6. Negativity. Negative mindset and stress can create a favorable environment for cancer and other deceases.


Here are few things you can do to improve your health right now today, to increase you oxygen and stay healthy:


When you are in perfect health, your cells are rich in oxygen. With optimum oxygen levels you will have more energy, more brain power and lower stress levels. Low oxygen levels weakens the immune system. In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg wrote this: “The cause of cancer is no longer a mystery, we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements.


1. Talk walks outside everyday and get fresh oxygen into your lungs and if possible stay away from carbon monoxide and fluoride, because they limit the amount of oxygen your body takes in and sends to your bloodstream. Remember to open windows in your house or at work, on a regular basis throughout the day, to get fresh oxygen into the building. Trees and plants outside you home help to soak in the CO2 in the air and release oxygen. Add a few plants into your environment, at home and at work, they help with oxygen and with lowering the carbon dioxide.


2. Use aroma diffuser and mix essential oils into the water. Applying essential oils to your skin will help your body by protecting it from oxidative stress, protecting cells from damage from free radicals.


3. Aerobic exercise. Move you body but don’t over do it. Make sure you are in an aerobic state while exercising. Walking or bouncing on a trampoline are very good daily practices to boost your immune system and increase your capacity to use the oxygen you breath. If you are going to run for example, I suggest you pay very close attention to your heart rate, so you don’t go into an anaerobic state while running. Check out my blog post “Run For it” how to get into a very good physical shape and increase your oxygen in your body, slowly but surely. http://hunihunfjord.com/run-for-it/
If you are elderly or overweight, take it extra slowly to start and get a professional opinion on your intentions about starting to exercise.



4. Water. Drink water but keep in mind what kind of water you are drinking. If you are buying bottled water, make sure you are drinking alkaline water. If the water bottle does not have any information about the PH levels written on the bottle, I can assure you it is acidic. DO NOT DRINK ACIDIC WATER, if you can help it. Keep in mind that most bottled water in the world is acidic, but there are a few very nice brands out there with PH levels above 7.0 which is great. If you are drinking tap water, use filters if you need to and if possible test your water with PH strips to make sure you are drinking alkaline water. My tap water is for example at 8.4 PH. Keep you body alkaline and when you have an alkaline state or above 7.4 PH in your body, cravings for sugar and tobacco will decrease.


5. Decrease your consumption of acidifying substances like sugar, processed foods, alcohol, sodas, dairy, coffee, sweets, and microwaved foods and increase the amount of plant based food you eat. For example, alcohol will induce a oxidative process in the body to metabolize and remove it which lowers your oxygen levels.


6. Meditation and conscious breathing. I could write a whole article about meditation and I probably will soon, but for now, just make sure you meditate regularly and breath consciously. Slow breathing with your diaphragm, or about 12-15 times per minute is a very good pace and breath through your nose for better oxygenation. If you are interested to know a quick way to boost your immune system, check out the Wim Hof breathing methods. I highly recommend it and I have been using the method every day for 4 years now. Here is an example when Wim Hof met Lewis Howes to demonstrate the breathing method.



In the Wim Hof method, we are exposed to cold water as well (cold showers or ice baths) and it has incredible immune system benefits as well.


6. Decrease the amount of salt you use, to protect your kidneys.


7. Use baking soda to increase your oxygen levels. It has been used for decades now to bring up your PH levels. Use ¼ teaspoon baking soda and half a glass of alkaline water and drink it once or twice a day.


8. Drink food grade hydrogen peroxide. I have been drinking it for 5 years now. When I started to read about it, I was amazed I had never heard anything about it, until I saw that this is something that cannot be patented. We cannot make any money from telling you how you can increase your health by using this very cheap product, so we will not let anyone know about it. I am not going to reveal how you use it here, because this has to be done perfectly to have great benefits to the immune system and also to increase the oxygen in your bloodstream. If you want to know more you can check out this link or google it on your own. Make sure you read as much as you can about it before considering using it. http://www.bobbyshealthyshop.co.uk/Hydrogen-Peroxide.php (I am not affiliated, but this is where I bought mine).


9. Stay grounded as much a possible.


10. Laughter increases oxygen levels on cellular level and well as on a organ level.


11. Intermittent fasting. I do intermittent fasting on a regular basis. An example of intermittent fasting is to eat one meal that day, for example just eat breakfast and then again the day after. Amazing things happen in the body after 10-12 hours of not consuming food. I wrote a whole chapter about intermittent fasting in my book “Top 1% Parents Raise Top 1% Children” because of the incredible benefits that come from it, for your body and for your brain.


It reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. The greatest thing fasting does is probably that it shifts your energy metabolism so your body starts using your fat to create energy, and when the body uses your fat it create ketone bodies in your liver. Think about it, how many obese people, who fast regularly, have you seen? When we eat the body stores the energy in the liver in the form of glycogen. That is the storage we always tap into first, but about 10-12 hours later you deplete the glycogen storage in your liver if you have not had any food during that period to produce more glycogen. When people eat throughout the day they usually never deplete the glycogen supply. (from my book)




12. Feed your mind every single day, with positive and constructive materials. A beautiful mind can do wonders for your health. Align yourself with positive people and live a positive life. You cannot surround yourself with negative people and expect to live a positive life.


This list is not complete by far, because there are so many ways in which we can live a healthier better life. Look up the difference between oxygen rich foods and antioxidant rich foods for example, do you own research. For the last 5 years of my life, I have been able to get rid of any viruses within 24 hours, knock on wood, but it is not because I am doing one thing, but the multiple things I do to improve my health and life.


Start slowly and add one new thing to your life today and then take out something that you know is not good for you. Stay on course until you are ready to make the next move and so on. If you are going to eat an elephant you have to do it one bite at a time.


Have an amazing day today, as always.
With light and love, Huni. ❤❤


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More that 9 out of 10 people die without fulfilling their purpose or even finding it.


You might be in the 99 percentile club of the population, who look from outside in rather than from inside out. You have been told that your purpose in life is to fulfill a series of checked boxes, graduate, get a family, get a job and then wait for the retirement check to clear. Stay inside the boxes and die. Sadly that is the life story of most of us on earth. The good news is that you are reading this, meaning that there is something inside of you trying to break you out of the shackles defined by the boxes you have selected to put in front of you.



Have you been listening to your calling or have you like most of the world, been blindly lead through your life, with a blindfold on and told when you can check the next box? If so, how many times has this question popped into you mind: “there must be more, is this all that is?”


Your all powerful subconscious mind, your higher self, knows your purpose already, but yet you have voluntary been driving your conscious mind without programming it to lead you into your purpose or at least reveal what it is. Then you have been living without letting yourself become the happiest, most loving, most caring, most trusting, most wonderful version of yourself.


Comfort is not your purpose, but once you are in the comfort zone it’s hard to step outside again and into your greatness and into alignment with your purpose. Your purpose involves risks and the unknown, therefore you have chosen a career instead of finding your purpose, because it matched the boxes you were told to check, on your so called life path, that the society managed to convinced you that it is your truth, your reality. Are you in the 99 percentile club? There is no shame in it, I was there as well, just a few years ago.


Do you not like silence and have you instead selected to thrive of your ego? Have you decide to live your life where the ego calls the shots, instead of calming your mind to the point of going beyond thought? When you calm your mind beyond thought you bathe your consciousness and subconsciousness in the field of endless possibilities and wisdom. You get all the answers you seek, because you are finally listening, once you shut off the clutter of the mind for awhile. TM meditation is one of the meditations that help you bathe in the field of endless possibilities and wisdom, if you want to use other meditation techniques, just keep in mind that not all of them accomplish that, just make sure to research which meditation method will get you beyond thought and into the universe energy field of endless possibilities and pure wisdom.


You probably don’t like the dark side of you and you never want to show anyone these dark sides you have. You select to avoid the people that can teach you the most about yourself, because you tell yourself that you simply don’t like them, when in fact, it is something in you that you are seeing when you look at them with dislike. Instead you select comfortable relationships that reinforce your torn, stale image of yourself. Facing your dark side and improving on them, getting past them and turning your weaknesses into your strengths is were you will grow the most. That will support you on your journey to reveal your true purpose as well.


You keep creating opposites in your life when you constantly avoid letting yourself feel, I mean deeply feel things. The duality of the mind is rational and thinking yourself into a purposeful life will never work. A big part of living on purpose with a purpose, is learning how to create with your heart, from your heart and staying away from the duality of the mind. When you create white with your mind, you are creating black at the same time. When you create love, you are also creating hate, but when you create from the heart, you are creating in singularity. Meaning that there are no shadows there, you create without an opposite. Why do you think that so many times in your life when you thought you were on a great path to success, when you felt that you had done everything with good intentions, that you manage to self-sabotage your success or an unforeseen event prevented further growth, sickness, accident or anything else that might have seemed like a coincidence? Yes, that’s right, even with all you good intentions created with your mind, you also created the opposite of that, at the same time. Your mind is one of your biggest obstacle, preventing you from living your life on purpose with a purpose.


Your whole life you are either moving toward your purpose or away from it, just like energy, it’s always moving, never still. You are pure energy. Energy is growing or shrinking, companies are growing or shrinking, relationships are growing or shrinking and you are either growing or dying, it’s that simple.


Your conscious mind, can and needs to be, programmed to control your all powerful subconscious mind, so that life starts to happen for you instead of to you.


You must take full responsibility for everything in you life, yes that is right, absolutely everything. Once you do that, you take credit for you wins and losses, and you move on, you keep on learning and growing. Your ego will play a big role in making you feel like a victim. It is so easy to take no responsibility, but once you decide to take full responsibility for everything in your life, that is the day you take control of your life and start moving towards your purpose.



Once you start to live you life in alignment with your purpose, you can start to define your success.


Your success story is defined by your well defined purpose, backed up with faith, that it is possible to achieve it and you must have the will to step outside your comfort zone and take action.


With light and love, Huni ❤❤


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RUN FOR IT – Avoid these 4 mistakes



How would you like to be able to workout 2-3 hours each week and stay in great shape?
No special diet, just simple effective workout routine, short and sweet!


Before I tell you how, let me tell you what the 4 biggest mistakes people make are, when they start to transform their lifestyle or health! The four factors that contribute to most failures in the gym or outside the gym are:


  • Why
  • Accountability
  • Celebrating
  • Music


Let me explain why:



Music has a massive vibrational impact on your body, as well do the words you use, so just a side note here, no negative self-talk from now on. Each song you listen to will restructure your body on a cellular level based on what you listen to. Just try it out and listen to some of your favorite songs after reading this with a pen and paper handy to write down all the emotions each song has on you, while you listen. Some songs create an urge to move you body, while other songs calms you down other songs will make you sad and some will make you smile and become cheerful. This is easy to test out yourself, just select a few songs that make you wanna move and workout while listening to them and then try the same workout without music. You notice a massive difference in your energy levels. When I recorded my workout in the video below, of me running, doing exercises and stretching, I could not listen to my music because I used my phone to record it, it was the hardest workout in a long time for me. Music makes such a great difference for you when you work out. Remember that when you start working out, make sure you are listening to music that fuels your body with energy.



Celebrating every win you have, small or big, is one of the key factors of your success. Throwing your hand up into the air and celebrating that you made it to the gym today is a perfect example of what you do not see very often. You have to be unafraid to step outside your comfort zone and celebrate each little win you get on your journey, who cares if someone sees you. Even a small win or just the fact that you showed up that day is a victory, you did it and because of it, you are changed. Conscious celebration will boost your confidence level and shift your perspective of the challenge, you become more able and the challenge becomes less of a challenge. Once you break your own record or reach you minimum goal, it naturally brings on a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, but celebrating it consciously brings those feelings to a whole new level. Throwing your hands consciously into the air like you just won a marathon, does wonders for you body and your emotions. By consciously celebrating you naturally get more energized, you become more happy, more optimistic and more motivated to name a few perks you get from consciously celebrating each of your wins, no matter the size. You did it, so celebrate it!



When you start on a journey you may often find yourself very excited and your spirit is vibration on a high frequency and you just can’t wait to start. At some point, we all hit a wall. It’s when your brain starts to convince you that this is enough, or that today is not a good day to workout, or even worse when you start to have the conversation in your mind that you deserve to relax now and take some time off. This point in time, it is very important to have an accountability partner to prevent yourself from listening to reasoning to quit. With an accountability partner that will be much less unlikely to happen, that is to say, you will most probably have this conversation at some point in your head, but you will not quit. The accountability partner might not matter most of the time, but when we hit that wall, that makes us wanna quit, the accountability partner is the difference between quitting and succeeding. This accountability partner could be a friend, a family member, spouse or a coach.



Why do you want to do this? Why do you want to get in better shape? You have probably read the reasoning behind the why question many times before, so I will not bore you with rambling on about how important it is to have a strong reason why you wanna do anything in life, so I will just say it like this:
If you have no reason to change your health, then don’t!


This is my transformation in the last two years using the RUN FOR IT program:



What do you need for the RUN FOR IT program?


  • Good knees, meaning that you can walk, jog and eventually run.
  • Crave to transform your health.
  • A strong why, why do you want this change.
  • A powerful, motivational music play-list to listen to while working out.
  • Running shoes.
  • Access to a treadmill.
  • Accountability partner.
  • Be willing to celebrate each victory on the way.


I have developed the RUN FOR IT program for the last two years now. I used to hate running myself and I was always terrible at it. I felt it was boring and I was simply just not interested in running. Then you might be asking yourself, then why did I start to create this workout? Because I have repeatedly read articles about maximum performance when you train the right way, versus the hard way. Often it takes less effort to create more stamina, more muscle mass and more endurance than we ever thought possible. I found out by simply trying it out myself and saw that after being a high level athlete for over 20 years, I now train much less than before, never over-trained myself and with much less effort, in the past 2 years and I am now in better shape than I have ever been. I am over 40 years old now, in better shape than when I was 20.


I am giving this program to you, free as a gift, if you want to do it by yourself, but truly want you to succeed so I am offering you to have me as your personal coach and accountability partner, to guarantee your success in transforming your health. Remember that you must get an accountability partner, even if you decide not to let me coach you. In this program we use a treadmill to run on and let me explain why we use a treadmill. It’s because you can set the treadmill to a certain speed and the treadmill will help you over the mental hurdle that you could not do on your own, it will push you through what you thought you could not do. In the first 6 months you need to dedicate 4 days per week to your training or 5 days, it’s your choice. After 6 months you can go down to 3 days per week and stay in great shape as long as you want and then you can run outside every time if that is your thing. Each session will be no longer that one hour, you cannot stay more than 59 minutes in the gym or running outside, if you want to do that. If you choose to run outside, then you must only do so, max two times per week, because you need two days on the treadmill, that is where you progress in made. OK, let’s get started then.


Day one.


Go on the treadmill and walk/jog/run 5K (3.1miles), do this as comfortably as possible, do not over strain yourself, that is very important. We want to know on day one, what kind of cardiovascular shape you are in, and from there we will go forward. Once you are done with the 5K, then place your index and middle finger on your neck and count your pulse (heartbeat) for 15 seconds, then multiply that number by 4 to get your heart rate per minute. This you will do everyday after you run. We wanna make sure that your vascular system is developing at the right pace as well. Take the total time it took you to finish the 5K and divide it by 5, to get average speed km/h (convert to miles if that’s your system). Let’s use my first time, when I started this program as an example. In January 2016, I ran 5K in 30 minutes and 33 seconds. That makes it a 9.82 km/h average pace during my first run.


Day two.


Start at you average pace from day one.
Lets use my time as an example, 9.8 km/h (convert your speed into miles if that is your system). On day two I set the treadmill to 9.8 km/h and started to jog, then when I hit 1 kilometer I pressed the plus sign on the treadmill and set it to 9.9 km/h, after 2K I set it to 10.0 km/h, after 3K I set it to 10.1 km/h and after 4K I set it to 10.2 km/h. I did it and celebrated and took my heart rate.


Day three.


Now you start the treadmill at the second level from the day before, that is to say, if you finished without slowing the treadmill down to walk or jog. If you completed the whole incremental levels of speed and finished the 5K the day before, then today start on 9.9 km/h and increase the speed by 0.1 km/h each kilometer you finish until you finish this 5K run/jog at 10.3 km/h.


This is how the program is gradually progressed to push you on without breaking you down. Slowly but surly building you up from where you stand the first day. When the day comes that you do not finish you 5K run without slowing the treadmill down, that is the day, you may celebrate hitting your first wall, well done. Don’t worry when this day arrives, which it will eventually, just redo this day again next time and again until you manage to run through the incremental changes of speed and finish the 5K.


Each day you will stretch for 1-3 minutes before you run. Then you stretch and do some exercises once you finish your running/jogging.


Here is an example of how I improved my times when I started the program and you will experience something similar based on where your starting point is.


  • Jan 4th 2016 – Week 01 – 5K run – 30min and 33 seconds
  • Jan 11th 2016 – Week 02 – 5K run – 28 minutes and 31 seconds
  • Jan 18th 2016 – Week 03 – 5K run – 27 minutes and 50 seconds


Then I gradually improved but sometimes I had to repeat the previous day as I did not run and finish the run, without slowing down. When that happens don’t worry just try again until you make it, that is why the program works so incredibly well, there is no pressure. Not a problem to slow down when you need to, that only means you try the same speed the next day. It means you are at a wall and you will get over it, this is a time where the accountability partner makes a difference. We are not defined by the challenges we face, but how we tackle them, how we push through the walls. You can do it!


  • Sep 21st 2016 – Week 36 – 5K run – 21 minutes and 49 seconds



I also do the Wim Hof method every day. Which means I start my day with conscious breathing and after each time running in the gym I stay 30 seconds up to 5 minutes in the cold water.



Take a look at this video I took in December 2017, of a typical day in the gym, less than 30 minutes, running and working out. Less than an hour in and out of the gym. Today I max 3 days per week and stay healthy, never more that 45 minute workouts.



Feel free to look at how little time I actually spend today to stay in shape on my Endomondo (free app) profile and become my friend there if you like. I comment on all my runs with my starting pace and my heart rate. You can do the same or write it down on a piece of paper or however you keep track of your stats the best.


Less is more, sometimes. I want to personally coach you through your first 6 months, and guarantee your success, if you want that as well then please send me a direct message to coaching@hunihunfjord.com


What do you get when I coach you:


  • Accountability.
  • More exercises.
  • Pep-talk.
  • 6 months email access.
  • Dietary help, if needed.
  • Reading assignment to strengthen your mindset.
  • Morning routine
  • Breathing exercises
  • Guarantee that you will succeed, if you follow my coaching program or get your money back.


If you are the 1% of the top 1% that can do this program by yourself, without help, then here it is. My gift to you. You now, have all the information needed to succeed. I want you to succeed and I want to coach you to make sure you succeed.


Hope to hear from you soon and have a blessed day. ❤❤


With light and love, Huni. ❤❤

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Why have you failed with your sex partners in the past?

❤❤ Becoming one with another – sex and spirituality ❤❤


Sexual expression is the inevitable result of an eternal process of attraction and rhythmic energy flow which fuels all of life. Even the master said that it is the most spiritual commitment you can make on your journey into the ascension realms of your experience as a spirit in this world.


We all send out energy signals, not so unlike the radio signals we all know about. Science has decided to call this energy filed the Collective Consciousness. You have already received messages from the collective consciousness, many times. This energy which we transmit all the time can actually be picked up by our modern technology and measured. Our signals or in other words wave lengths, change all the time, due to our thoughts, mood, feelings, words and actions.


When you think about someone, you send out energy about that person, to that person and if that person is sensitive enough, that person can feel that you are thinking about them. Have you ever known who is going to knock on the door before she or he does, or have you ever known who is calling you before looking at the phone? That is called reading the energy signals (the collective consciousness), which we all do all the time, unknowingly and knowingly.


We affect our surroundings by the energy we send out, as do others as well. We are constantly creating effects on the environment by simply being positive, negative, happy, unhappy or in love. But what happens when two different energy signals combine? What happens to our energy field when we mix it with another, while listening to our instincts?


We are going to use an example of two persons meeting for the first time in an empty room and they are standing in a corner across from one another. They are as far apart as they can be, in this room. The man sends out energy signals and the woman as well, we do all the time.


They both send out signals 360 degrees around themselves. Some of the man’s energy hits the woman’s energy and some of the woman’s energy hits the man’s energy. Now the interesting thing is that a new energy field is created where the energy fields meet half way, this energy field is a physical phenomena and is felt by both parties.


This new energy field which feeds from the energy from both partied, now sends it’s own energy back to them as a combined field, this is the third filed in the room.

This field is the truth about the man and about the woman. This Holy Communion draws them both to it. They are both drawn to the Body Between Them and they want to start to move closer to one another right away, but they do not know why at this point, it just feels right.


This is where many opportunities are lost for many people, because if they think back to their upraising and teachings, they might decide to slow down or to mistrust this feeling (your intuition). Sadly, this is what most of us are taught to do.


Thankfully the soul will never lie to you and if it feels good then it is the right thing to do. The soul wants to know this new energy field that was created, between the two of you. Now both the woman and man are starting to experience this new energy metaphysically but they both want to experience it physically. So they keep coming closer together, but they are not trying to get closer to each other, they are both trying to get closer to this new energy field that they have created unknowingly. They are both trying to reach a palace of Divine Union which now already exists between them. This is the place where they know that they are one and what is like to be One.


The closer they get, the stronger the new energy field gets and draws them even more intensively together. Now they are almost together and the Body Between them is glowing hot. The two are said to be “burning with desire”.

Now, they touch!


The sensation is almost unbearable. Now they embrace and get their bodies close together. They still want to get closer to this new field which keeps on driving them closer. Now they will try and melt together with this new energy field and try to experience it in physical form. The man’s body is literally ready to enter the woman’s body for further union of the energy fields and the woman’s body is literally ready to receive the man’s body within her.


This is beyond intense, this is an overwhelming sensation of pure physical pleasure as the physical bodies join. Now the three energy fields become One in the flesh.


Still the energy flows between them passionately. The move and heave, they can’t get enough so they strive to get closer, closer and closer. Until they literally explode, their physical bodies convulse. The vibration sends ripples to their fingertips. In the explosion of their oneness they have known the Source, the All and the Essence of life, the experience of which is.


Our purpose is to experience life and remember who we are and where we come from.




There is nothing wrong with experiencing intense sexual experience with someone, when it is exactly what you needed to advance to you spiritual purpose on earth.


Do you remember?


How is your journey so far?


Remember that all your experiences are true, and they are all right. They are there for your growth.

With light and love, Huni ❤❤


9 Biggest mistakes when manifesting your dreams

9 Biggest mistakes people make when manifest their dreams.


You are a very creative beings and the power you posses to create is unlimited. Everything you see today started with a thought, yet many of us are stuck in a place of wanting more and we just can’t get it right. No matter how many books you read, how many seminars you take, you seem to be the only one who cannot manifest your dreams.


1. Let’s not limit your dreams, dream big and then you break that big dream into small goals.

The FIRST mistake most people make is to set limiting goals. Let’s say your dream is to be able to travel the world all year long and help people all over the world, this would be a very good example of an open, non-limiting dream. Then we start to put that dream into smaller achievable goals, but be careful not to set limiting goals. Let’s say one of the goals is to purchase a house in one of your preferred places to travel to. Let’s use in this example a house on the beach in Bali for example. An example of an unlimited goal is;

In December 18th 2018 I have purchased at least one house in Bali. That house has had a positive cash flow from the day I bought it, and has allowed me to continue fulfilling my smaller goals towards my big dream.


2. Now you have to experience this dream so real that you get your three bodies to manifest this. You need your emotional body, physical body and mental body to synchronize to be able to manifest this dream. The SECOND mistake people make in manifesting their dreams into their reality is not writing it down. One of the most powerful ways of manifesting something, is writing it down, but not as bullet points, you write it down as it has already happened and you experience it, as you write it down, using all your senses. An example of writing down an experience, would be something like this:


December 12th 2018, yesterday was such an amazing day, I woke up as the sun just started to rise from the horizon and when I stepped outside into the sand I felt a little bit chilly and got shivers up my spine as I watched the sunrise. As the sun rose I felt how the sand in between my toes started to get warmer. As I smelled the fresh salty ocean breeze I got this amazing feeling all over my body and the ocean breeze played with my skin and sent shivers up my spine again but much more powerful this time, it was like a kundalini awakening and my body felt orgasmic as I just stood there and gazed around me in paradise. I looked at the house and I was bursting with gratitude, I thought, wow just one year ago I started to manifest this vision and now I am here. Someone please pinch me! I laughed out loud as this thought came to me. I stood there for about 15 minutes just listening to the ocean waves playing in the sand. I licked my lips and I could taste the salt from the ocean breeze, I tasted like freedom. I sat down in the warm sand and I closed my eyes thinking how grateful I am for mother earth and all her gifts and I sent my love down to to the center of mother earth, then I thought of our father in the sky and I send my love up to the cosmos as well. I stayed in a blissfully heart centered stage in the sand until I heard my morning crew arrive, ready to start our yoga and breakfast routines. This was one of my favorite days I have experienced so far. As you write it, you experience it and each time you read it again you experience it all over.



3. You have to be consistent in manifesting what you want. The THIRD mistake people make who are manifesting their dreams, is non-consistency. They think writing and experiencing the goal or dream can be done by doing it only once. This needs to be done at least once per day. Then several times out through the day, you can stop for 10-30 seconds and just think about experiencing some parts of the dream, raise your energy vibration with the gratitude you have for the events that have already occurred in your future, they are already real.


4. You can talk it into existence. Talking your dreams into existence is very powerful, but not as powerful and writing and experiencing it, but by adding this method of talking it into your reality the manifesting ritual as a whole becomes much more powerful. The FOURTH mistake people make when manifesting their dreams is not speaking about it. When you speak about your dreams with passion and energy, you create a momentum for the events to start aligning to the right path for you. When you speak about it, the right person might hear it and that could be the person who makes it happen for you indirectly or directly. Many of us are not ready to speak about our dreams and that’s OK, but you have to start speaking about them to the universe! Yes, that’s right, if you are not confidant enough yet to speak about them, then start by having a conversation with the cosmos, the sky, God or the universe. Talk with passion and energy when you speak about it, because if you don’t then you probably need another dream, if this dream does not make you passionate, it is not in alignment with what you truly want.


5. Sub-goals to the sub-goals. You have to do about 60-80% internal work to manifest your dreams and then 20-40% is taking action on those smaller unlimited goals to start rolling the ball down the hill. One without the other, makes it impossible to achieve our goals and dreams. The FIFTH mistake people make in the manifesting process is to do all the internal work and the rituals and then take no action. You must take action to be able to manifest your dream. Let’s look at the dream and chop the goals into even smaller segments. To be able to purchase the house in Bali, you might need more income streams. Let’s say that you are going to write a book as a sub/sub goal to your dream.


The 15th of June 2018 I have published at least one book and secured myself an income stream for life. Now notice that every-time you create a goal, it is in a non-limiting “at least” kind of way and it has a date to it as well. This book could be your first action item on the path to living your dream.


6. Taking action. The SIXTH mistake people make in achieving their dream is to stop when the first pump, their first hurdle, arrives. They stop the process when the first big challenge presents itself. How will I write a book, I have never done it? And the dream dies right here for many, but not for you, because you are simply going to find someone that has done it before and ask if they can guide you, or you are going to hire a coach to lead you and keep you accountable. Do not try to invent the wheel on each of your small very achievable unlimting goals!


7. Educate yourself. The SEVENTH mistake people make in the process of making dreams manifest, is to let the things they do not know now, stop them. That’s right, what you do not know now is most likely the thing preventing your growth, because if you knew it already, then you would most likely already have achieved your dream. Get yourself into a real estate course in Bali, to learn about the housing market and the creative ways to finance a house there. Get coaching on how to make sure that the house will have a positive cash flow from day one.



8. Action item task list. The EIGHTH mistake people make in the process is do not become overwhelmed. Create a task list for 5 action items listing the number 1 item the most important one and number 2 the second most important action item and so on. Do this list each morning and take out the items from the day before that you have completed and move those you did not complete to the new task list. These are small action items that will keep you moving forward. Example:


1. find a coach for writing the book 2. start writing the first chapter “Why I wrote this book” 3. find where to access information on the real estate market in Bali. 4. Find a contractor to set up a sales funnel. 5. Buy the url BaliDreamLife.com and a hosting account for it (godaddy).


This could be a very simple task list for the day, that keeps moving you forward.


9. Celebrate. The NINTH mistake people make is, they forget to celebrate the little wins on their journey. You must celebrate each little win you have. If you are going to grind it out and wait until your big dream has become reality to celebrate, it will take you forever to achieve and it will be a long, hard and boring ride. You bought your first website today, OH, YEAH! Celebration time! You finished your first chapter in the book you did not believe 2 weeks ago you would ever start. CELEBRATION TIME OH YEAH! You just found you coach/mentor, what time is it? Yes CELEBRATION TIME! Don’t go overboard with your celebration, but make sure you feel it as a reward.


Enjoy you journey to the big dream, enjoy each little win, celebrate, write it into reality, experience it, talk it into existence, learn from those who have done it already, get a coach or mentor and start giving back right away. The perfect time to start giving is when you think you are not ready yet.


Now go and make your dreams come true!

With Light and Love, Huni. ❤❤


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