Interview Huni Hunfjord

Interview with Huni Hunfjord, Mindfulness and Health Coach At Focus Gym ❤❤ Be you! and Focus Gym Walk the Talk By Noelle Cheri – November 12, 2017 1- Hello Huni, can you please tell us a bit about yourself? Hi, sure, first off let me thank for the opportunity to be here. I am born and raised […]

12 Shortcuts to Activate Your Third Eye (LIGHT ACTIVATION)

LIGHT ACTIVATION / THIRD EYE Developing the third eye is the doorway to experiencing more, connecting to your higher self and to the source. We often think about ourselves and our spirit as separated, but with the light activation the separation is dissolved. Awakening within the dream, traveling between realities and going beyond the limitations […]

Keshe Magravs on-grid Plasma Generator Assembly

Instructions by Huni Hunfjord. How to put together the Magravs on-grid Generator!   This instruction manual is for beginners and for those who have bought the (Magrav Starter Kit With Case) already nano coated and the four GANS bottles from the Keshe website.   Open the box and check if all the materials are in […]

JT Foxx who?

The first time a saw a Facebook ad from JT Foxx, I was like “who is this guy?” He says he is the number one wealth coach in the world and he is coming to Iceland and he is hosting a free event in Reykjavik in October 2015, I am going to see this dude […]

Huni Hunfjord

Huni Hunfjord was born and raised in Iceland. He has been in sports most of his life, 18 years in basketball and 3 years in rugby and after retiring from sports he meditates and runs on a regular basis.   Huni was studying physics and natural philosophy in junior college when he got the call […]